Loki's New Episode Includes Thor, But Not the Version of the Hero We Expected

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Warning - This article contains spoilers from Episode 5 of Loki.

Disney+ has premiered the penultimate episode of Loki"Journey Into Mystery." After the game-changing events of Episode 4, this latest installment sets up a riveting finale while also giving fans dozens of little Easter eggs along the way

This Loki-centric episode takes place mostly in The Void, a place at the end of time where pruned Variants go to die or live out their days running from Alioth, a "living tempest that consumes matter and energy." Audiences get to learn much more about Richard E. Grant, Jack Veal, and DeObia Oparei's versions of Loki.

This episode ends with an epic cliffhanger, leaving fans to speculate who is truly in charge of the TVA and what will happen in the series finale. Despite the mysterious ending, fans should rejoice at how many Easter eggs appeared in this episode, including a brief appearance at a certain God of Thunder.


At the 9:10 mark of Loki Episode 6 "Journey Into Mystery" audiences can see Throg, a Variant of Thor, trapped in a bottle trying to reach for Mjolnir. Whether that Mjolnir is his or another Thor Variant is unclear, but it doesn't look like the Amphibious God of Thunder is going anywhere. 

Here's a closer look at Throg in Loki:

Marvel Studios

The Mjolnir that Throg is reaching for appears to be chipped a bit on its right side.

Throg Mjolnir
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Throg's origin story breaks into the wackiness of 1980s comic books.

Simon Walterson was a professional football player until a severe knee injury ended his playing career. He found joy in his wife and the work she did for charity. Unfortunately, that all changed when his wife and unborn child died, causing him to fall into a depression.

Walterson sealed out a musical way of reaching his late wife so he could communicate with her. He finally found a witch who was able to help him talk to his wife and learn about the unborn child. Walterson wasn't able to pay the witch so she cursed him, consequently transforming him into a frog named Puddlegulp.

Puddlegup had a run-in with Thor Odinson, who had been turned into a frog by Loki. As a Frog, Thor learned about the Rat vs. Frog war and decided to aid the frogs in their battle. As Puddlegup is left alone to defend himself against the rats, a sliver of Mjolnir was left on the ground and when he picked it up he acquired the power of Thor.

Thor Odinson returned to Asgard and forced Loki to revert him to his normal form. Walterson/Puddlegup found a new purpose as Throg, leading the frogs against their enemies and even fought greater battles with the Pet Avengers.

It's unclear if the Throg in Loki is Walterson or the Thor that Loki turns into a frog, but it's an unexpected and appreciated cameo regardless. Throg is officially canon in the MCU!

The finale of Loki will premiere Wednesday, July 14, only on Disney+.

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