Loki Features Iconic Thanos Easter Egg With Spider-Man Origins In New Episode

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Warning - This article contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Loki.

Throughout its first five episodes, Loki has taken Marvel fans to lands both across and in-between time.

From Lamentis-1 to the mysterious whereabouts of the Time Variance Authority's headquarters, Tom Hiddleston and company have introduced new locations to the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. After getting pruned in Episode 4, Loki wakes up in a desolate wasteland surrounded by other Variants of himself.

While this location is called The Void by Judge Renslayer, it can be assumed to be the MCU's version of Limbo, a pocket universe that exists outside of time. The TVA uses this place as a dumping ground for pruned Variants and reset timelines. 

The Void may be just a TVA junkyard, but as they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.


Episode 5 of Loki, titled "Journey Into Mystery," is riddled with Easter eggs that nod to both the MCU and Marvel Comics.

As Classic Loki, Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki lead Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief towards their underground bunker, the team of tricksters passes a tattered helicopter.

Thanos-Copter from a distance in Loki
Marvel Studios

Upon a closer shot of the group, the helicopter can be seen to have the label "THANOS" across it.

Thanos-Copter up close in Loki
Marvel Studios

Fans aren't the only ones happy to see the Thanos-Copter, as Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn expressed his desire to see the vehicle in the MCU back in January of 2015.

"Whoa! Can't wait to see the Thanos-copter in the MCU!"


Cross "Thanos-Copter" off those Loki bingo boards.

The Thanos-Copter has made only a couple of appearances on the page but gained notoriety over the years. First appearing in the Spider-Man-centric Spidey Super Stories #39, Thanos flies his infamous chopper in an attempt to steal the Cosmic Cube.

Thanos-Copter debuts in Spidey Super Stories
Marvel Comics

The Mad Titan used the now-infamous chopper to attack Hellcat, who had the comic version of the MCU's Tesseract at the time. Unfortunately for Thanos, he's unsuccessful in his attempt to steal the Space Stone's casing and is arrested by the police.

Thanos flying Thanos-Copter at Hellcat
Marvel Comics

The Mad Titan's chopper has made the leap off the page before in the LEGO Marvel's Avengers videogame but has never been seen in live-action before. Considering the uber-serious nature of Josh Brolin's take on the character, the chances of the Thanos-Copter entering the MCU's Sacred Timeline were always slim.

Its existence within The Void only emphasizes that the Thanos-Copter was never supposed to factor into Marvel Cinematic Universe canon. While the chopper is only a nice nod to a fan-favorite storyline, this time travel wasteland opens the floodgates for hundreds of campy comic aspects to make their way into the MCU.

Loki and Sylvie appear to be leaving The Void and entering whatever kingdom exists beyond it next week, but considering the implications of the show's still unknown big bad, there's every chance this location could be explored further in future films.

Episode 5 of Loki is streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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