Loki Director Reveals Chris Hemsworth's Reaction To Frog Thor Appearance

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Frog Thor

During Loki Episode 5, Thor Variant Throg made his MCU debut. He was seen trapped in a jar a few feet into the dirt of The Void. 

Originally, Throg was going to make his cameo in Episode 1, but director Kate Herron said "it just wasn't feeling quite right for what we should be doing in that moment."

Despite the incredibly minor role, Chris Hemsworth, the MCU's God of Thunder, recorded the voice of the Frog of Thunder. Even if this was a one-time appearance, it indicates that this was the Odinson version of Throg and not Simon Walterson, who ultimately becomes the Pet Avenger in the comics.

Hemsworth's small Loki performance has just been detailed by the series' director.


Throg Loki
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During an interview on the Phase Zero podcast, Loki director Kate Heron said watching Chris Hemsworth record the Throg scene was "surreal."

Herron explained that she got the idea for the Easter egg from Futurama, and the aforementioned original Episode 1 scene was "very short and sweet:"

"He was definitely up for it. I remember recording it with him because, basically, we had that other scene originally that was in Episode 1. So that's what I had all these recordings for, but I was just like 'oh I feel so bad that we couldn't get it into [Episode] 1, because it just wasn't quite right."

Herron then detailed how the Throg Easter Egg was created including a "little comic book reference:" 

"But then, basically I always had that one shot designed where -- I think I got the idea from Futurama or something -- where you go from the dirt and go down into the lair, and I think in my head I was like 'insert Easter Egg' and I was like, 'we'll put something cool here.' And then I think we had been through a few things but it was just as Episode 1 was locking in the cut that I was just like 'oh well let's put Frog Thor under there because that's really fun' and we could put the little comic book reference on the jar. So I just thought that was a fun little nod to him there."

Herron ended by explaining her experience with recording the scene with Chris Hemsworth:

"Chris was... I think he was into it. I remember him laughing but it was just so surreal recording him, because even in the original version we had it was a very short scene anyway, so it was very short and sweet. But he found it very funny. I think he was probably just like, 'Okay cool, what is this?'"


Could the Pet Avengers become a Disney+ series?

Marvel confirmed that it is making a mini animation studio to help develop further projects like the upcoming animated What If...? series. Introducing this kind of devotion to future animated projects leaves the door open for many more creations.

The upcoming I Am Groot series will be animated, but everything else in the MCU's loaded slate is live-action. Dedicating more people to animation is a sign that more of these projects are on the way.

Throg and the Pet Avengers would be a great addition to Marvel Studios animation and could lend itself well to targeting younger audiences on Disney+. Chris Hemsworth has shown nothing but excitement for his future in the MCU and is dedicated to the character he has played since 2011.

Throg's next appearance (if it ever happens) doesn't necessarily have to be animated. In Loki, he was a live-action CGI version along with the fan-favorite Alligator Loki Variant. 

The Thor actor has clearly embraced the idea of Variants in the MCU and might be willing to voice the amphibious god in the future. Now that the multiverse is broken open, maybe even an appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder is possible. 

Loki Season 1 is streaming now on Disney+

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