Loki Season 2: Kate Dickie's Secret Villain Role Explained

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Loki, Kate Dickie's Dox

Kate Dickie's newly introduced character in Loki Season 2's premiere episode may become more villainous than initially shown.

Several changes were made heading into Loki's second season on Disney+. The one that made the most headlines was the departure of director Kate Herron, who was replaced by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

In addition, new characters were added to the roster - most notably, Ke Huy Quan joins Loki as O.B., an out-of-touch TVA agent.

On the more sinister side, Game of Thrones alumnus Katie Dickie also joined the Loki cast as General Dox.

Who is Kate Dickie's General Dox?

Kate Dickie's General Dox in Loki Season 2

In the initial report of Katie Dickie's casting, her character was described as a villain in Loki Season 2.

Audiences first met Dox during a chaotic and depleted council meeting following the Sacred-Timeline-breaking events of Loki Season 1's finale.

During the later stages of the meeting, General Dox couldn't help but pay attention when Loki brought up Sylvie's name and her role in this debacle. 

As the meeting unraveled, Dox ordered Hunter X-5 to locate Sylvie to uncover the mysteries at the End of Time. 

Their against-the-grain mission didn't escape Hunter B-15's notice, putting Dox's future motivation in question.

What is General Dox's Motivation?

Kate Dickie's General Dox with X-5 in Loki Season 2

It's later revealed that Dox is sending every available TVA agent to find Sylvie, but why the overkill?

Clearly, amongst the chaos, General Dox wants answers and believes Sylvie (a hell-raising Variant) could be the key to re-shaping the TVA.

Fans getting to see the immediate aftermath of Loki Season 1 is already fascinating, as more is being discovered about the TVA's origins through new characters like Dox.

Sylvie is back to play a major role in Season 2, already making two appearances - once in the future TVA (from inside an elevator) and the other in a branched reality of 1982.

Despite a heartfelt post-credits scene of Sylvie (who has been through a lot in her life), it looks like she is soon being hunted by a swarm of TVA agents.

If General Dox does eventually catch her it will be fascinating to see what exactly she'll want with Sylvie. In addition, more light may be shed on who General Dox serves following the TVA's rewritten rules on pruning timelines.

Whatever nefarious plans General Dox has are bound to create complications in the upcoming episodes of Loki Season 2. 

Loki Season 2, Episode 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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