12 Best LEGO Sets for Adults (2023 Edition)

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LEGO Batman, Castle, Car

The Adults Welcome line from LEGO came in strong with a dozen new sets that were released in 2023.

LEGO continues to add new buildable sets to its store shelves with worlds to dive into from every corner of fandom, including general sets from the LEGO City division and sets highlighting the biggest pop culture franchises in the game.

And with new media highlighting LEGO's biggest names, adults have the opportunity to join in the fun along with kids as some more advanced projects take the spotlight.

The following 2023 sets are all part of the 'Adults Welcome' LEGO line (aged 18 and up):

10312: Jazz Club


10312: Jazz Club LEGO set

A massive jazz club is brought to life in a LEGO set that originally retailed for $229.99 USD, made up of 2899 pieces that give builders plenty to work with.

Music and food lovers can dive into this unique set with the jazz club's outside wall as the centerpiece, although a whole interior can be built as well, which includes a jazz stage, a pizzeria, and a dressing room for the band.

The intricate details of the building and architecture make it a great set for adults, and it can be connected to other sets from the LEGO universe as well.

77015: Temple of the Golden Idol

77015: Temple of the Golden Idol LEGO set

Taking fans back to the glory days of Indiana Jones is the Temple of the Golden Idol set, paying tribute to the opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark in a set that costs $129.99 USD and utilizes 1545 pieces.

Indiana Jones, Satipo, Belloq, and a Hovitos Warrior all get mini figures as builders can help reenact Raiders' first scene, in which Harrison Ford's titular hero navigates a swarm of traps to locate a valuable and historic golden idol.

The model even includes four separate turnable knobs that light up the idol, collapse a wall, and even swing Indy across a cavern, all before he's chased by a massive boulder as he manages to escape the cave.

21060: Himeji Castle

21060: Himeji Castle LEGO set

Retailing for $159.99 USD and coming with 2651 pieces as part of the set is the Himeji Castle, one of Japan's most revered buildings from the real world.

Providing authentic details from the structure such as turrets, walkways, and the castle's iconic asymmetric walls, the Himej Castle sets takes fans to the hills of Japan from the comforts of home.

The model mostly focuses on the castle's upper level and includes four buildable cherry trees, with Japanese history aficionados and travelers alike being the biggest target audience for this impressive set.

10321: Corvette

10321: Corvette LEGO set

One of the most iconic cars in American history, the Chevrolet Corvette, is the subject of its own LEGO set, with the car being made up of 1210 pieces and retailing for $149.99 USD.

The 1961 model is the version of the Corvette embodied in this set as fans get to see the inner workings of the vehicle from the wheels to the fender, even including an incredibly detailed interior inside the doors.

Although the car is small in size, its brakes, pedals, gear shift, radio, rearview mirror, and steering are all brought to life on the inside, making for a challenging build for adults with a love of classic cars and American culture.

76252: Batcave – Shadow Box

76252: Batcave – Shadow Box LEGO set

1992's Batman Returns, featuring Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito, is given the chance to shine with the Batcave – Shadow Box set, coming in at a pricey $399.99 USD but also bringing 3981 pieces into play to build the Batcave.

At nearly two feet wide, this set includes several detailed items from the movie, including a Batmobile, a Batsuit vault, and even a moveable computer screen as fans get to dive into Batman's iconic lair from DC Comics.

Multiple characters from the film such as Max Shreck, the Penguin, Catwoman, and Alfred also make appearances as Minifigs in this set that will give DC fans a fun collectible in which to immerse themselves in the Caped Crusader's world.

43222: Disney Castle

43222: Disney Castle LEGO set

The iconic Disney castle is featured in its own LEGO set retailing for $399.99 USD, and it comes with a whopping 4837 pieces used to build the castle that's been famous for the last century.

The castle is mostly based on the iconic Disney princess films from Disney's catalog, featuring characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana, Rapunzel, and their respective princes along with details inspired by their own movies.

There is even a spinning dance floor in the grand ballroom and an enchanted fireplace that rotates to show off the spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty, with plenty of other interior design surprises still left to be revealed for builders.

21338: A-Frame Cabin

21338: A-Frame Cabin LEGO set

A simpler set takes the spotlight thanks to the A-Frame Cabin collectible, which costs $179.99 and utilizes 2082 pieces fans can use to build this woodsy cabin set.

With a steeply angled roof that can be detached from the set, the inside of the cabin includes a bedroom on the upper level along with a living area, study, and kitchenette for that cozy outdoor atmosphere.

Other pieces to the set depict a trio of colorful trees that can be connected to create an island around the cabin along with a wooden canoe and multiple customizable Minifigs and animal figures.

75367: Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser

75367: Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser LEGO set

For those who are willing to spend big on LEGO Star Wars sets, there is the Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser available for purchase at a $649.99 USD price tag, although it comes with a massive 5374 pieces for building.

Inspired by the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, this set allows fans to recreate a huge cruiser from the Star Wars universe complete with a command bridge and hangar built to scale.

The 43-inch-long set comes with Captain Rex and Admiral Yularen Minifigs, and fans can also build a scale model of a small Republic gunship on the inside of the cruiser.

31208: Hokusai - The Great Wave

31208: Hokusai - The Great Wave LEGO set

Classic art lovers can embrace an intricate LEGO set based on the world-famous  The Great Wave painting by artist Hokusai with a set that consists of 1810 pieces and comes in at a respectable $99.99 USD price tag.

This is one of the simpler LEGO sets for adults to be released this year, although it makes for a relaxing experience with a piece of art that's highly recognized as one of the most memorable pieces in the world.

10317: Land Rover Classic Defender 90

10317: Land Rover Classic Defender 90

The Land Rover car company and LEGO team up for the Land Rover Classic Defender 90 set depicting one of Land Rover's most iconic trucks via 2336 LEGO pieces, being priced at $239.99 USD.

This truck is one of the most famous off-road vehicles in history as fans get to build the original 1983 model, featuring functional steering, working suspension, a white roof, black wheel trims, a brown interior, and a choice of two different engines.

The set also comes with customizable accessories that are seen in its real-life counterparts such as a fire extinguisher, roll, cage, roof rack, engine snorkel, and traction plates that come in handy for crossing muddy or rocky terrain.

10318: Concorde

10318: Concorde LEGO Set

One of the world's most famous supersonic commercial passenger planes is embodied in the Concorde model set for adults, retailing for $199.99 USD and utilizing 2083 pieces for construction.

As is the case with its real-life counterpart, the Concorde set has a tiltable droop nose, functioning landing gear, and a retractable tail bumper wheel along with multiple other detailed aspects of the plane that can be replicated in LEGO form.

There's even an accessible seating area along with rudders and delta wings, giving collectors nearly every minor aspect imaginable to build and adjust on this impressive plane replica.

10316: The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell

10316: The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell

J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings franchise took top billing for LEGO in 2023 with a set depicting Rivendell, which costs a pretty penny at $499.99 USD but brings 6167 pieces to the party to build the area.

Middle-Earth gets the spotlight with a huge set that depicts an elven forge, Elrond's study, and the Shards of Narsil along with paintings and statues from all across The Lord of the Rings' most iconic landscape.

Frodo's bedroom and some iconic Lord of the Rings characters like Frodo, Sam, Bilbo, Boromir, Gandalf and more come into play as Minifigs with LOTR fans getting the chance to dive into one of the franchise's most memorable locales.

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