Will a Knuckles Movie Release After Sonic 3?

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Knuckles and Sonic from Sonic 2

Following the release of Knuckles on Paramount+, speculation started to swirl about the Sonic The Hedgehog character getting a movie after this year's Sonic 3

Paramount's Sonic cinematic universe continues to expand following two big-screen blockbusters (2020's Sonic 1 and 2022's Sonic 2). The studio's latest stab at SEGA's beloved video game world came from a streaming spin-off series centered on Idris Elba's Knuckles the Echidna. 

Elba's Knuckles debuted in 2022's Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and is supposedly set to appear in the upcoming third mainline Sonic film; however, his future beyond that remains unknown. 

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Is a Knuckles Movie on the Way? 

Knuckles and Sonic

Talk of a Knuckles movie potentially coming after December's Sonic 3 has sprung up following Idris Elba's Echidna Warrior starring in his Paramount+ series. 

While Paramount saw enough interest to greenlight the Knuckles spin-off show, it currently seems unlikely that a Knuckles solo film would ever be approved.

Knuckles has always worked best as a recurring secondary character to Sonic the Hedgehog rather than having stories center directly on him. 

There have been side stories focusing on Knuckles and his deep backstory (i.e. diving into where he came from in the Sonic X anime), but he primarily plays best off of Sonic and Tails rather than on his own. 

That is on full display in the reaction to the Knuckles TV series. The Knuckles streaming show has done little to light up the world, earning middling reviews on a platform that has failed to capture audiences the way Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video has. 

The series debuted with a meager 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics calling it a tonal mess that lacks the heart of the mainline Sonic films. 

If the series had received universal acclaim and been a big draw to Paramount+, then exploring the idea of a Knuckles movie might have been justified. However, that does not look to be the case here. 

Paramount has not announced any plans for the Sonic franchise beyond Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (which is set to debut in theaters on December 20), so there is always the chance more movies in the series will be unveiled. 

But a Sonic the Hedgehog 4 feels more likely than anything Knuckles-focused.

When Will Fans See Idris Elba's Knuckles Next?

Just because a Knuckles-centric movie remains unlikely does not mean fans are done with Idris Elba's take on the iconic video game tough guy. 

Elba is set to appear alongside other returning actors like Ben Schwartz and James Marsden in this year's Sonic The Hedgehog 3

The Knuckles actor will also be joined by another A-lister set to debut in Sonic 3. Keanu Reeves is slated to join the big-screen universe in the film as the iconic Shadow the Hedgehog. 

Beyond that, the future of the Sonic franchise on the big and small screen remains unknown. 

Knuckles Season 1 does leave the door open for a potential Season 2, but that could also be simple table-setting for Sonic 3 in December. 

Series co-creator Toby Ascher told TV Line shortly after Knuckles Season 1 debuted that they "absolutely would explore further seasons" of the series, only if "there’s a great idea and a great story."

"There are other ideas in television that we’re interested in," Ascher teased, adding they are also exploring "a lot of movie ideas" as well:

"There are other ideas in television that we’re interested in, and of course there are also a lot of movie ideas. Knowing that we have this world and these characters that fans care about so much, we’re focusing on finding the best stories and figuring out how to tell them within that world. Then we follow that towards what the best format for them would be [either as a TV show or a movie]."

So, while a Knuckles-led solo film feels unlikely, fans will likely have plenty more of Idris Elba's version of the character for years to come, both on the big screen and streaming at home. 

Knuckles is now streaming on Paramount+. 

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