Sonic Prime Season 3 Ending Explained: What Happened to Nine?

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Sonic Prime Season 3 Ending

After years of stunning fans on Netflix, Sonic Prime provided a shocking ending in Season 3 of the hit animated series. 

Prime offered fans a new take on the world of Sega's Blue Blur, telling a wholly original (and shocking mature) story about Sonic The Hedgehog and his friends. 

This critically acclaimed interpretation of the Sonic lore saw enemies become friends, and friends become enemies, in a narrative that ended with a confrontation of universe-altering consequences. 

Breaking Down the Sonic Prime Season 3 Ending

Sonic Prime Season 3 finale

The recently released third season of Sonic Prime ended in mind-blowing fashion. 

Season 3 of the hit Netflix series, saw the epic animated story come to a head, potentially teasing what could come next, thanks to a unidentifiable blue shockwave. 

After traversing the Shatterverse, Sonic and friends finally confront Nine during the Season 3 finale.

Nine (an evil multiversal variant of Sonic's friend Tails) has long been attempting to harness the power of the Shatterverse within the mystical Prism, and nearly does so in during the final few minutes of Sonic Prime Season 3. After destroying Sonic's home of Green Hills, Sonic confronts the evil version of his friend. 

Nine explains that he probably did push his plan too far, but without a great sacrifice to stabilize the power of the Prism, the gang could lose not only their home realities but the entire Shatterverse as a whole. 

Being the hero he is, Sonic volunteers himself, as Nine drains any remaining Prismatic Energy from the Blue Blur, weakening Sonic in the process with audiences left to question if the titular Hedgehog will ultimately make it.

Sonic Prime Season 3 ending

A power-depleted Sonic is then betrayed by the dastardly Eggmen, with Nine using the powers of the Prism to send the fiendish flight of mustachioed madmen through a portal to the unknown reaches of space. 

From there, Sonic clings to life, as Nine uses the power of the Prism to restore the characters' home realities. This includes Green Hills, which Sonic's brooding variant Shadow carries the dying hero through a portal to. 

As fans sit on the edge of their seats it looks like Sonic may finally perish. having given himself to save the Shatterverse. However, at the last moment, the energy of Green Hills restores the hero to his former glory, and the gang looks to have stopped reality from near-destruction. 

Sonic Prime Season 3 finale

While the team celebrates, a mysterious shockwave can be seen in the distance, bringing a shadowy presence that Sonic and the team stand battle-ready to take head-on.

The origins of this blue blast and what it has brought to Green Hills are currently unknown, but it may indicate the team's work is not done as yet another threat from across the Shatterverse (potentially Eggman back for revenge) arrives to take on the hedgehog. 

Is Sonic Prime Season 3 Its Last?

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Sadly for fans of the critically acclaimed Sonic Prime, Season 3 looks like it might be its last. 

After Dr. Eggman shattered the universe, and Sonic and friends took on the villainous Nine to put the pieces back together again, Season 3 ended with the kind of definitive finality one would expect from a series finale. 

According to Prime animation studio WildBrain Studios, the Sonic Prime project was always envisioned with a beginning, middle, and end, having been originally announced as a 24-episode animated series back in 2021 (via IGN). 

And Netflix stuck to that vision, splitting what only ended up being 23 episodes into three seasons to tell one, cohesive story from front to back. 

While many expected the series to end after Season 3, there is always the possibility - especially given the fanbase that Sonic Prime has garnered - that Netflix will dip back into the IP for a potential Season 4. 

This is especially the case given the blue blast to end the latest batch of episodes and what it could mean for Sonic and co. 

However, following Season 3's epic conclusion, it may be best if the streamer took a break from Sonic Prime and let the series breathe. 

Sonic Prime Seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Netflix. 

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