Knuckles Series: Who Is Pachacamac? New Sonic Character Explained

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The little-known Sonic character Pachacamac is turning heads after being introduced in a trailer for the Knuckles TV series. 

Starring MCU actor Idris Elba as the titular Echidna warrior, the upcoming Paramount+ show takes place in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie universe, seemingly setting up December's Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Elba joined the franchise in Sonic The Hedgehog 2, playing the gruff brawler as the Sonic movie began to draw further from the series' portfolio of iconic characters. 

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Who Is Knuckle's Pachacamac? 

Pachacamac Knuckles Trailer

 A first look at the live-action take on the oft-forgotten Sonic character Pachacamac debuted as a part of the official trailer for the upcoming Knuckles streaming series.

About two-thirds of the way through the series promo (at the 1:53 mark to be exact), the mustachioed Echidna is seen at what looks to be some kind of a bowling alley.

Pachacamac has a storied history in the Sonic franchise, but this is the first time he has been seen in Paramount's take on the Blue Blur. 

The character debuted as a part of 1998's Sonic Adventure, serving as the chieftain of the Echidna warrior clan to which Knuckles (played by Idris Elba in the series) belongs. 

In his debut appearance, Pachacamac is only seen in flashbacks, serving the Knuckles Clan 3000 years before the game's events. 

Pachacamac Anime Sonic X

He is largely credited for the reputation of military might that the Knuckles Clan is known for when Knuckles himself comes along, having led the group from a small band of warriors to a sweeping empire. 

Pachacamac has also appeared in several other Sonic games (with his last appearance coming 16 years ago in Sonic Unleashed

He has also popped up in the Sonic Archie comics and the hit Sonic X anime where he served a similar ancient Echidna warmonger role. 

How Will Pachacamac Play Into the Knuckles Show?

It is unknown exactly what Paramount has planned for Pachacamac in the Knuckles TV show, but from the brief glimpse fans did get, it does not look like he will be anywhere near the bloodthirsty military leader he is elsewhere in Sonic lore. 

The Knuckles trailer teased a standoff with some goons in a local bowling alley, and - from the tiny peek at the character fans got - Pachacamac may be the one managing said bowling alley. 

This version of the character looks a little older with even more faded fur around his eyes and mouth, so this could be just a more senior take on the warmongering general, perhaps indicating he has retired by the time Idris Elba's character comes into contact with him.

What will be interesting to see is just how Pachacamac got to the real world. 

Thus far in the Sonic movie universe, the Blue Blur and his friends have been transported to Earth from their home planet of Mobius. 

But how did Pachacamac get to Earth? And how is he holding down a job after doing so? 

Maybe he has been in the real world for decades by the time the series picks up. Perhaps after conquering Mobius and expanding the Echidna Empire as far as it could go, he set his sights on another world entirely, aiming to at one point conquer Earth. 

It might sound a little bizarre, but one has to remember this is the same franchise that features a giant purple cat named Big (who has yet to appear in live-action). 

Knuckles comes to Paramount+ on April 26.

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