Sonic Prime Season 4 Gets Unfortunate News from Creator

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
Sonic in sonic prime season 3

Duncan Rouleau, creator of Sonic Prime, offered a potentially discouraging update for fans of the animated series.

Sonic Prime has proven to be popular in its run on Netflix. The series offers a fresh take on everyone’s favorite hedgehog and his band of colorful companions.

The series, which deals heavily with the Multiverse, offers many alternate universe doppelgängers of well-known characters and just dropped its third season. Still, fans are already hoping for a Season 4.

Bad News for Netflix’s Sonic Prime

Sonic Prime Season 3

Sonic Prime writer Duncan Rouleau (via Cartoon Base) gave a discouraging update that there are no current plans to develop more episodes.

Additionally, Peter Slavik, who worked as a concept artist on Sonic Prime posted the following message to X (formerly Twitter), the language of which seems to indicate that the show is indeed finished:

“I hope everyone has loved Sonic Prime as much as we did crafting it, thanks so much for taking this journey with us exploring the Shatterspaces and these wonderful characters! Enjoy this fan art celebrating the finale!”

Will Sonic Prime’s Cliffhanger Be Resolved?

As fans of Sonic Prime will know, the series concluded on a cliffhanger. Sonic, after volunteering himself to save the Shatterverse, nearly dies, but Shadow swoops in to rescue him.

With reality restored, the power of Sonic’s home of Green Hills restores the titular blue hedgehog’s health. And when things seem to have completely returned to the status quo, a mysterious and likely malevolent presence becomes known.

Some have called Sonic Prime’s finale satisfyingly conclusive, but others yearn to know what happens next. That may not happen with no further seasons in the works.

It’s a frustrating situation, especially since one would think the overwhelming success of the series would prompt Netflix to produce more Sonic Prime. But the show was reportedly always planned as a 24-episode run.

The options for a continuation appear to be limited at this point. Perhaps any outstanding loose ends could be tied up in a comic book? Sonic the Hedgehog has long been a mainstay in the world of comics, so it does stand to reason.

All three seasons of Sonic Prime are streaming now on Netflix.

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