Kai Cenat & Kevin Hart Steam's Most Disrespectful Moments, Ranked

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Kevin Hart and Kai Cenat streaming together

Streamer Kai Cenat teamed up with actor Kevin Hart for a Twitch live stream of outrageous and hilarious moments.

Kai Cenat was ranked (via eSports Illustrated) as the most popular streamer of 2023 with 115,292,888 hours watched. During his stream with Hart, Kai became the most subscribed Twitch streamer with 126,827 active subs.

Kai's stream with Kevin Hart was historic, quickly breaking the record for the largest number of concurrent viewers of all time on Twitch with 368K concurrent viewers. This beat Kai's previous record of 348K concurrent viewers when he streamed with Nicki Minaj.

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Kai Cenat and Kevin Hart Stream Highlights

Kai Cenat recently went live with Kevin Hart on Twitch, which led to a stream filled with hilarious and disrespectful moments.

Kevin Hart Mistakes Kai for a WNBA Player

During the stream, Kai Cenat held up a painting of himself and challenged Kevin Hart to guess who that may be. In response, the actor asked if it was of "one of the women in the WNBA draft."

Kevin Hart Roasts the AMP Cypher

Kevin Hart and Kai Cenat reacted to the 2024 AMP Cypher track and threw shade at the musical performances of several performers.

The actor insulted the physique of some of the group, saying how there are "a lot of bad built bodies in this crew." He even went on to diss how the man who rapped first "should never go again."

Kevin Hart Learns About Gifted Subs

During the stream, Kai Cenat explained the concept of gifted subscribers to Kevin Hart, which allows viewers to gift a paid subscription to another.

Hart jokingly threw a "who the f*** does he think he is" at a viewer who gifted subscribers, only for him to walk the comments back.

Kevin Hart Calls Out T-Pain

Kevin Hart even threw shade at rapper T-Pain who gifted 50 subscribers to Kai Cenat, which is equivalent to around $500. 

The actor dissed the rapper and questioned, "How can Rainbow come in and gift 100 and T-Pain cheap ass only doing 50."

Kai Cenat Insults Kevin Hart's Height

Kai Cenat is frequently insulted by his fans and other celebrities alike for his short height, and even Kevin Hart got in on the joke during the stream.

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During the stream, Hart told Kai Cenat how he had got him a gift for inviting him, which turned out to be a footstool in a joke about his height.

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