Did Kai Cenat's AMP House Catch on Fire & Burn Down After Firework Debacle?

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Kai Cenat, Fireworks firing in Kai Cenat's room

Kai Cenat's AMP House looks to have burned down on camera after a firework-induced fire, but there are questions about the legitimacy of the video.

Kai Cenat Fireworks Debacle Explained

Kai Cenat holding fireworks in AMP House
Kai Cenat

On a recent livestream with YouTuber MrBeast and another friend, Davis, streamer Kai Cenat appeared with a huge stack of fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July.

About 35 minutes into the stream (per House of Highlights on Instagram), Davis took a block of fireworks labeled "professional use only" and lit the fuse, setting it on top of the huge pile of other explosives. 

Seconds later, the box fell onto the other fireworks, setting them off and making them ignite and explode as the room filled with fire and smoke.

Kai Cenat's streaming room
Kai Cenat

Following the incident, Cenat took to X (formerly Twitter) to post, "IM DONE WITH ALL THIS SHIT!!!!! BET," showing his frustration.

With few details about the incident, viewers were shocked that the AMP House, where Kai Cenat and his YouTube group Any Means Possible (AMP) live, might have just gone up in flames.

However, many fans are convinced this was a fake video, believing the "house" was merely a set created to replicate Cenat's usual streaming room. Multiple X users pointed out inconsistencies between this set and Cenat's regular location.

For comparison, below are images of Cenat's usual room he uses for his Twitch and YouTube streams along with the room he used for the broadcast with MrBeast.

Kai Cenat's usual streaming room with Kai Cenat in it and Kai Cenat and MrBeast in their streaming room
Kai Cenat, MrBeast

@ilyShadow circled a part of the upper wall that looked different and pointed out differences in the door on the right side, claiming the set was used "as a skit:"

"Mr. Beast and Kai Cenat made a FAKE ROOM/SET and they used it to have fireworks set off as a skit"

@KmaFr_ took note of the same door being different, calling this move "next level" while claiming Cenat "used a fake room" to make fans believe it was blown up:

"Kai Cenat used a fake room to make everyone think their house got blown up 

it’s a set room like they use for movies, this dude is next level; complete replica"

@lambored1032128 was convinced the floor was hollow in the room holding the fireworks due to the sound. They also pointed out how no normal person would be "calm cool and collected" with somebody else about to do what Davis supposedly did:

"That’s straight hollow floor on the firework stream vs the thudding of straight ground floor. 3. No normal human being is going to be calm cool and collected when someone is about to set fire to a room filled with fireworks."

On top of those social media posts, another picture from @clippedszn showed what appeared to be a "leaked" image of the prop set that was used for the firework incident. However, it was proven to be an AI-generated image, as fans can see a chat stream hovering above the chair in the middle.

Cenat is no stranger to pranks, whether they are pulled on him or if he is the one pulling them.

He has used the TikTok-popular smiling prank (per @streamerupdate_) on multiple guests, in which he suddenly puts on a strange smile to make other guests feel uncomfortable.

His official YouTube channel even has a video of him prank-calling people and making them believe he is calling from prison, which has almost 500,000 views at the time of writing.

Cenat is also the center of other controversy thanks to a few suspect moments with movie star Kevin Hart on past streams.

Whether this fireworks mishap is a prank is yet to be determined since his streaming room has not been seen since the fireworks supposedly went off and burned it down.

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