Zack Snyder's Justice League Reveals New Steppenwolf & Darkseid Scenes In Trailer

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Darkseid Steppenwolf

The marketing for Zack Snyder's Justice League is in full swing, and there were already a lot of tidbits that were revealed due to this development. However, it's safe to say that there are still surprises that have yet to be unveiled, with Snyder even hinting that fans “have only seen the tip of the iceberg.”

One of the much-anticipated debuts in the Snyder Cut is Darkseid . After being scrapped from the theatrical version of the film, the Lord of Apokolips will make an emphatic introduction in the upcoming four-hour version of Justice League , and it is expected that the villain will look to intimidate the rest of the heroes along the way.

Despite that, details about the actual role of Darkseid in the film are still being kept under wraps, but a newly-released trailer may shed some light on the matter.


Zack Snyder officially revealed a brand-new trailer for his version of Justice League , placing the spotlight on Steppenwolf, Darkseid, and the forces of Apokolips.

Here's a full breakdown of the lines that were included in the teaser:

Steppenwolf: “This world is divided. Too separate to be one. No protectors here. This world will all the others. For Darkseid.”

Darkseid: “I have turned 100,000 worlds to dust. When this world is scorched, all of existence shall be mine.”

Alongside the reveal, a stunning poster featuring Darkseid was also unveiled.

Zack Snyder's Justice League
Zack Snyder's Justice League


After only being heard for a brief moment in one of the Justice League teasers, Ray Porter's portrayal as Darkseid is finally showcased in all its menacing glory in this latest trailer. It is all but confirmed that the villain's plan for a world takeover will be front and center in the upcoming film, and it will be interesting to witness how the invasion will take shape that will ultimately lead to the dark and scary Knightmare timeline.

Meanwhile, the improved spike-infused design of Steppenwolf is featured once more in the sneak peek, but what's more interesting is the villain's dialogue about the current state of Earth in the post- Dawn of Justice timeline. Given Superman's absence, Steppenwolf and the rest of Apokolips placed Earth as a hot target to conquer, and this should prompt more questions if there will be added motivation for the character in Snyder's version.

On a separate note, the history lesson of Darkseid's first invasion of Earth has been confirmed to be extended in this new version of the film, and a glimpse of how it will all play out was featured in this trailer. Based on what's been revealed, it seems that the R-rating of the film will be mostly attributed to this sequence to potentially show the might and brutality of Darkseid and his forces.

All in all, Darkseid's presence in Zack Snyder's Justice League will likely serve as the key component of the Snyderverse's in-universe future, and it should present a lot of interesting possibilities when the character is unleashed in the film.

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