Where to Watch Just Beyond's Trevor Larkin Episode Online

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Just Beyond Trevor Larkin

Just Beyond was removed in a major Disney+ content purge in May 2023, leaving fans wondering what online options they have if they want to watch the series.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name from Boom! Studios, Just Beyond was an anthology series similar in style to Goosebumps, which hit Disney+ in October 2023.

Both Just Beyond and Goosebumps come from writer R.L. Stine, known for his work in the projects' horror-comedy genre.

The show's eight episodes covered a wide range of stories, from bully Trevor Larkin seeing mystical consequences for his terrible behavior, to a school of brainwashed girls going rebellious with the power of Green Day.

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Where To Legally Watch Just Beyond Online

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Following its removal from Disney+ on May 26, 2023, Just Beyond is not available to watch on any other streaming service or platform.

In fact, as of now, none of the 12 shows erased by the content purge — including Just Beyond — have seen new life on any kind of Disney+ Video on Demand platform, or subscription service.

This means there is currently no way to watch full episodes of the series, besides illegal torrenting, pirating, or other illicit means. However, this does not mean all hope is lost for a legal way to engage with the series online.

Several viewers have made episode recaps, or posted individual clips from the show online, offering fans a taste of the no-longer-accessible full series. In fact, at least six different videos featuring major moments from Episode 7 of Just Beyond, "Standing Up for Yourself," alone can be found on YouTube and TikTok.

One way to legally watch pieces of Just Beyond is through longer recaps and explainer videos.

"Arrogant Boy Has a Secret Allowing Him To Treat His Town's People Badly Until 1 Day..." from the YouTube channel Movie Shortens, for instance, goes over the episode featuring school bully Trevor Larkin in great detail. It features several clips from Episode 7, but tracked with narration rather than dialogue:

Horror Movie Recap on YouTube offers a similar way to hear the story of Trevor Larkin, with the more than eight-minute-long, narrated recap titled "This Bully Finally Gets What He Deserves When Other Students Take Revenge:"

Of course, several YouTube and TikTok users posted individual scenes from the show, which can be viewed legally on their channels. MR JANASHA on YouTube posted the roughly two-minute scene wherein Trevor Larkin is cursed, under the title, "just beyond Movie Clip 🎥, A grandmother with magical powers:"

TikTok user movie1125 shared three scenes from the show online. One is the scene featuring Trevor Larkin's curse being undone, but the world not quite looking the way he remembered:

Another scene from movie1125 on TikTok is the one showing a cursed Trevor Larkin encounter many of those he has wronged in the past:

Finally, @movie1125 posted the end of the scene also posted by MR JANASHA on YouTube, as well as what comes right after — Trevor Larkin realizing what the curse did to him:

Unfortunately, recaps and clips like these are the only way right now to legally watch Just Beyond, as it is no longer available to stream on Disney+.

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