Goosebumps 2023 Season 2 Gets Hopeful Update from Producer (Exclusive)

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While Disney+'s 2023 Goosebumps series hasn’t been out for more than a week yet, half of the show’s first season is already available to fans.

The beginning of the series showcased the story’s cast of characters all encountering particular totems (such as the Polaroid camera, strange worms, or a haunted mask) that eventually lead to them experiencing their own little horror stories. As those tales played out, an overarching story became clearer, something that will only be pushed even further into the spotlight as Season 1 continues.

But what are the odds that fans will ever see another season for this new Goosebumps adaptation?

Will Disney+'s Goosebumps Get a Season 2?

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In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, Goosebumps producers Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller revealed how likely a Season 2 renewal could be and what book just barely missed the cut for these first episodes in the 2023 series.

Letterman was quick to point out how he “wishes" the choice was up to them:

“I mean, I wish it was up to us. I wish we could just greenlight everything we wanted. I wish that's how it was…”

Interjecting, Stoller made it clear that he “really hope[s] [they] get another season:”

“...The one thing I've learned in this industry is you just never know anything. You know you have to make the best thing possible and hope people respond. And so I mean, I loved making this. I love working with Rob. I love working with everyone on the show. And I really, really love Disney, and Sony is fantastic. But I really hope we get another season. This was really fun.”

Letterman shared how “everyone involved” is hoping for another season, as “there’s a lot of story to tell:”

“… Everyone involved is really wishing for another season. And there's a lot of story to tell. And we have a lot of hooks in there to tee up if we get lucky enough to do another season. So fingers crossed, you know.”

With the extensive list of Goosebumps novels the creative team had at their disposal, were any others close to making the cut for Season 1?

Stoller confirmed that they “looked at a bunch” and that he hopes to draw from many more if a Season 2 becomes a reality:

“I remember we looked at a bunch. And then these were the ones that fit the story. We slowly cracked, but I can't remember, it wasn't, you know, we like a lot of them. And if we're lucky enough to get a second season, there's so many more stories to draw from…”

Letterman added thatThe Girl Who Cried Monster was on the docket for a while:”

“I think we had, I mean, I don't know how inside [this is], we had 'The Girl Who Cried Monster' was on the docket for a while... for five, and just we couldn't make that work. But other than that, we're pretty zoomed in on these.”

What Would Goosebumps Season 2 Look Like?

While it’s hard to guess where exactly the story could go before watching Season 1 completely unfold, there’s plenty of material for Goosebumps’ creative team to pull from.

Hopefully, future stories will continue to incorporate classic book adaptations on top of an overarching story the same way Season 1 did. This could be the perfect place to do stories like Girl Who Cried Monster or other fan favorites such as The Werewolf of Fever Swamp or Welcome to Camp Cold Lake.

There’s already some precedence for allowing more of these horror tales to be told.

For one, there’s the SlappyWorld string of books that features everyone’s favorite ventriloquist dummy telling readers scary stories. Then there’s Horrorland, a terrifying theme park that could easily be used to include some classic elements from previous books.

Goosebumps Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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