John Wick 5: Franchise Director Reveals Dream Actors for Potential Sequel (Exclusive)

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Robert Downey Jr., Cillian Murphy, John Wick

Coming off the star-studded John Wick: Chapter 4, franchise director Chad Stahelski detailed what actors he would love to work with on a potential fifth movie. 

John Wick 4 has proven to be the biggest and most successful entry in the series so far, yet it remains unknown if a John Wick 5 is even going to happen. 

The franchise is set to expand in different ways with the streaming series The Continental and the Ana de Armas-led spin-off film Ballerina, but another mainline entry starring series star Keanu Reeves is questionable. 

Stahelski has noted that he wants to "give John Wick a rest" for the moment, but that could change at some point in the future.

Chad Stahelski's Dream Actors for John Wick 5

Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, and Robert Downey Jr.
Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, and Robert Downey Jr.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Direct's Klein Felt, franchise director Chad Stahelski, who has helmed every John Wick film thus far, revealed "there's a huge list" of actors he would like to work with in the Wick universe if he directs a John Wick 5 or any other spin-offs. Amongst those names are Cillian Murphy, Colin Farrell, Charlize Teron, and Michelle Yeoh:

"There's a huge list, but just the first thing that came to mindset was Cillian Murphy. I'm a big 'Peaky Blinders' fan. So, you know, I just think Cillian would fit right in. Colin Farrell is fantastic. Charlize Theron when she did 'Atomic Blonde,' I saw that went, ‘Oh my God, I gotta work with this woman. She's awesome. I worked with Michelle Yeoh way back on a commercial years ago, and I've been dying to work with her ever since. I'm such a huge fan.

Stahelski also brought up Lovecraft Country and Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey's Jurnee Smollett as someone who he has on his radar:

Funnily enough, after 'Lovecraft Country' came out Jurnee Smollett was one. These are people that just for some reason click in my head of fitting in the world. And that's always good."

The John Wick director closed by mentioning MCU stars Robert Downey Jr. and Peter Dinklage as names he would like to get in a Wick film:

"There's a lot, I mean, there are so many great people out there, man. If Robert Downey happened to sit in my chair right here, I'd figure that one out. Peter Dinklage, I was a huge fan of his in 'Game of Thrones.' Sean Bean. Some of those guys I think are magical. I’d die for a chance with any of those people."

Stahelski has had the chance of directing plenty of Hollywood a-listers in his time working on the Wick franchise, including the likes of Oscar-winner Halle Berry.

The filmmaker told the story of how Berry ultimately got cast, remembering the actress coming down to his door and lovingly demanding, "I'm gonna be in your movie:"

"Halle Berry was an incoming phone call. I just got told ‘Halle Berry wants to be in a 'John Wick.' She's coming down to see you.’ I'm like, ‘When?’ She's like, ‘Today.’ And I'm like, ‘OK.’ And Halle literally banged on the door and went, ‘I'm gonna be in your movie.’ I'm like, ‘I don't have a script yet.’ She's like, ‘Write the script where I'm in it’. I'm like, ‘OK.’ That's awesome. And then next thing you know, I have Halle Berry that's pretty cool."

Who Could Appear in John Wick 5?

Yes, the question of if John Wick 5 will happen remains unanswered, especially after the shocking events of Chapter 4's grand finale, but it is still fascinating to hear just who the franchise's director has on his mind for parts should that film eventually come to fruition. 

At this point, the director has gotten to work with everyone from Hollywood A-listers to NBA superstars just within the Wick films.

One of the names that Stahelski mentioned that seems perfect for the work of Wick would be someone like Cillian Murphy, as the Peaky Blinders and Batman Begins actor has John Wick villain written all over him. Murphy could potentially be the perfect fit for a role as a member of the mysterious High Table that has been teased for four films now. 

However, seeing how beloved this action-packed franchise has become, it feels as though just about anyone would be interested in taking on a role from the director should they be asked. 

John Wick: Chapter 4 is playing in theaters worldwide now. 

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