John Wick 4 Cast & Characters: 15 Main Actors and Who They Play

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Building off of an established trilogy John Wick: Chapter 4 is promising to push the entire action genre to the limits with a thrilling cast of characters.

Returning four years after Chapter 3: Parabellum, John Wick 4 will continue the story that began in 2014 original. As the story progressed, especially at the end of Chapter 2, the movies catalyzed an unleashed version of the character leading to incredible action and conflict.

Chapter 4 looks to up the ante with the introduction of a new villain while also continuing John's vengeful journey against the High Table.

John Wick 4 Confirmed & Reported Actors 

1.) Keanu Reeves - John Wick


In what has become arguably his most famous role, Keanu Reeves will once again return to the titular role of John Wick. This character has already been through a trilogy worth of events, but there's still plenty more for Reeves to give.

In this historically lengthy 2-hour, 49-minute runtime, Reeves will attempt to top the impressive action and choreography of the first three films. Will John Wick ever die? Not as long as Reeves can continue to play the character.

2.) Ian McShane - Winston Scott


A staple of the franchise since 2014, Ian McShane is back as Winston, the mysterious owner of the Continental. He and John have been through a lot, most notably with Winston labeling Wick "excommunicado" after he killed the High Table crime lord Santino D'Antonio in the Continental.

This ultimately led to Winston shooting John several times at the end of Chapter 3, which led him to believe the "retired" assassin. Seeing the revelation on Winston's face when he learns of Wick's killing ways will be interesting to see when Chapter 4 hits theaters.

3.) Laurence Fishburne - The Bowery King


This (literal) underground crime lord has been a guardian angel for John Wick since Chapter 2. John seeks the Bowery King's aide near the end of the second film before completing his mission, and he's then delivered to an underground bunker where the two form a pact at the end of Chapter 3.

Lawrence Fishburne brings a lot to these characters, especially in the third installment when the Bowery King was given more to do. This new alliance formed at the end of the previous film will be fascinating to see unfold during the events of Chapter 4.

4.) Lance Reddick - Charon


The right-hand man to Winston Scott at the Continental, Lance Reddick's Charon is a John Wick mainstay. As a cog in the wheel of the High Table, Charon has given audiences some moments of levity but also offered an interesting perspective when he's been given more to do than work behind the front desk.

5.) Donnie Yen - Caine


Actor and martial artist Donnie Yen has entered the John Wick franchise. His character new Caine is set to be caught between his friendship with John and ties to the High Table. Yen is already a fantastic addition as the actor is known for raising the caliber of action in any film he's in.

6.) Bill Skarsgård - The Marquis de Gramont


A new challenger approaches. Known for his acts of villainy and terror as Pennywise in the IT franchise, Bill Skarsgård is introduced as a new enemy in John Wick 4.

Marquis de Gramont is said to have rose the ranks of the High Table quickly according to Skarsgård via Total Film:

"I always saw him as someone from the gutter that now savors the glittery suits he's wearing. He functions as the new sheriff set out to rid the world of John Wick once and for all."

7.) Hiroyuki Sanada - Shimazu


Another mixed martial artist has been recruited to the John Wick franchise. Hiroyuki Sanada in recent memory was featured in 2022's Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt and 2021's Mortal Kombat reboot where he played Scorpion.

Shimazu will surely find himself fighting against or alongside John as Sanada is known for his action dating back to 2003's The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise and beyond.

8.) Shamier Anderson - The Tracker


John Wick's latest Amazon purchase of a necktie, round nose lead, and a squeaky dog toy won't get lost when Shamier Anderson's The Tracker joins the franchise this March.

Little is known about The Tracker, but the Canadian actor is known for playing Trevante Cole on Apple TV+'s 2021 streaming series Invasion.

9.) Rina Sawayama - Akira


Award-winning Japanese and British singer-songwriter, actress, and model Rina Sawayama is one of the more unorthodox castings in the John Wick franchise.

Her only other acting gig was Idri Alba's Turn Up Charlie, so John Wick Chapter 4 is an odd place for the singer to find a role, however, based on the trailers she'll likely be another badass killer within this universe.

10.) Scott Adkins - Killa

Scott Adkins, Killa, John Wick Chapter 4

Given the name, look out for Scott Adkins' Killa to be a force in Chapter 4. With several crime bosses fighting for power and vengeance, we'll see if Adkins' characters end up choosing the right side of the battle.

Atkins is known for starring in direct-to-video films, Chapter 4 will be the actor's highest-profile movie to date. 

11.) Clancy Brown - The Harbinger

Clancy Brown, Daredevil

The High Table expands further when the Harbinger is introduced in John Wick 4. Clancy Brown is known for voicing Mr. Krabs on Spongebob Squarepants and playing Captain Byron Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption, as well as many other notable live-action and voice-acting roles.

Clancy said in a recent interview that the "Harbinger is kind of an expositional character. He sort of lets everybody know what the game is because there has to be somewhat of a plot in this fourth installment of John Wick." Don't expect this character to join much of the action.

12.) Natalia Tena - Katia

Natalia Tena, Katia, John Wick Chapter 4

Best known for her roles as Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter franchise and Osha in the Game of Thrones series, Natalia Tena joins another well-established franchise. 

Little is known about Katia, but she will likely be an ally of John's past and could play a role in his eventual journey.

13.) Aimée Kwan - Mia


Newcomer Aimée Kwan is set to play Mia, a new character in the franchise. Based on trailer footage it appears that she could be a relative (daughter, niece, etc.) of Donnie Yen’s Caine. A photo of Kwan's face appears in a pocketwatch that Caine is holding.

14.) Marko Zaror - Chidi

Marko Zaror, Chidi, John Wick Chapter 4

Every king needs a right-hand man, and while The Marquis may not be royalty, Marko Zaror's Chidi will provide some muscle.

The Chilean actor has acted as the stunt double for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the past and is dedicated to specifically action films. 

15.) George Georgiou - The Elder

George Georgiou, Game of Thrones

The only recast happening in Chapter 4 is with the Elder, previously played by 
Saïd Taghmaoui in Chapter 3: Parabellum.

George Georgiou takes over as the mysterious leader of the High Table who presides in the desert. The Elder may play another small but pivotal role after John severed his own finder in John Wick 3 in order to show his fealty.

John Wick: Chapter 4 shoots into theaters on Friday, March 24.

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