New Ironheart Disney+ Set Photos Reveal MCU Star In Mo-Cap Suit

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Marvel Studios' Ironheart is moving steadily towards the completion of filming as Dominique Thorne gets set to bring Riri Williams into her first solo MCU adventure. She'll pick up from where she leaves off later this year in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, where she'll show off her original set of armor as Ironheart interacts with the Wakandans for the first time.

Fans just saw the first footage from Ironheart during Marvel's presentation at the 2022 D23 Fan Expo, shining the spotlight on a hero who will move the Iron Man legacy forward quickly and in a powerful fashion. This included confirmation of Jim Rash's return from Captain America: Civil War along with Anthony Ramos' set role as The Hood, although there are plenty of mysteries that still remain unsolved ahead of Ironheart's debut.

With about a year until the show releases, there is still plenty of filming left to be done, although fans have gotten early looks at some of the costumes and effects that will be used through leaked images from the set. Now, a new round of photos continues that trend with a fresh peek at Ironheart's leading actress taking on some of her more CGI-heavy acting duties.

Ironheart Set Pics Highlight CGI Pajamas


The @atlanta_filming Instagram account shared new behind-the-scenes images from Marvel Studios' Ironheart, which began filming this summer and is set to release on Disney+ in Fall 2023.

The account shared a quartet of images highlighting Dominique Thorne in action, with the actress wearing a full mo-cap suit in the middle of the street. The account wouldn't say exactly what she was doing, however, to save fans from being spoiled on anything in the plot:

"Trust me. If she would have been in a practical suit these would be tack sharp head to toe. But, unfortunately, much like Shehulk, just this really stylish VFX suit. In first shot of the night she... hmm... probably a spoiler."

The account also revealed a look at Thorne in front of a White Castle restaurant previously revealed in other set photos, although they remained hidden from the Marvel personnel:

"Riri is in her final suit tonight, exteriors but as I feared the suit is cgi. Regardless, I got shots of Dom in the VFX suit for you. And... like I said if I don't want to be seen. I won't be."

No Practical MCU Suit for Ironheart?

With filming still set to continue for the next few months, fans likely won't get a final look at Ironheart's armor in her own show for quite some time. Even with the production utilizing a partially real suit for reference in some shots, these photos make it clear that Riri Williams' suit will primarily be brought to life through the use of computer-generated effects.

This is the same way that Tony Stark's suits were put on screen throughout the Infinity Saga, particularly during his final performances in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Now, Marvel looks to continue this trend for Ironheart in her debut Disney+ series after seeing the first three versions of her suit become a reality in Black Panther 2. How the final suit will look on screen is still unknown, but these set photos certainly tease something exciting on the way.

Ironheart is currently filming and will debut on Disney+ in Fall 2023.

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