Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 Gets Exciting Release Update (Official)

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With the first half of Invincible Season 2 airing almost two months ago, fans finally have new information about the second half's upcoming release, starting with Episode 5.

Season 1 of Invincible premiered on Amazon Prime Video back in March 2021. The first half of Season 2 was released more than two years later, in November 2023.

With four episodes remaining in Season 2, and an assurance from the show's creator of generally shorter breaks between seasons, fans have been eagerly awaiting any information on when to expect Episode 5.

Update On Invincible Episode 5

On January 19, Invincible's social media pages revealed that the release date for Season 2, Episode 5 will be announced next week.

The announcement read, "Word on campus is William's giving us the Part 2 date next week."

It was accompanied by a video compilation of various Invincible characters crying, sulking, or expressing sadness in some other form.

Text over the clips says "Admin every Friday," seemingly referring to the fact that the first half of Invincible Season 2 released weekly on Thursday evenings.

A phone reading

It ends with, Atom Eve checking her phone, and seeing what appears to be a TikTok comment, reading, "Where's the second part of season two William?"

When Could Invincible Episode 5 Release?

Invincible likes to have fun with its announcements, and this new update on Season 2, Episode 5 is certainly no exception — especially given the suspenseful ending of Season 2's Part 1.

The first half of Season 2 saw a similar announcement of when to expect the next batch of info, with fans learning two weeks ahead of the official release date's reveal that something was coming.

The news came in early August, announcing the show's return as being November 3. The announcement of the release was three months ahead of the date itself.

If this timeline were to be used for the season's second half, that would mean a release date in mid-to-late April.

However, this pattern might not be applicable here, as the announcement of the announcement for Part 1 came two weeks before the reveal, whereas Part 2's date will be revealed "next week."

Until more is announced, though, Invincible Season 1 and the first four episodes of Season 2 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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