The 10 Best Horror Movies from 2023 Now Streaming

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Evil Dead Rise, Saw Jigsaw, Knock at the Cabin girl

It's time to take a look at the 10 best horror movies available to watch digitally or via a streaming service that debuted in 2023.

Outside of the classic Halloween movies fans are revisiting for the spooky season, 2023 brought a new round of horror movies across the industry that had their time in the spotlight. 

And as costumes are being prepared for All Hallow's Eve and 2023 comes to an end, most of the year's horror outings are now available to a wider audience following their runs in theaters.

10 Best Horror Movies of 2023 Now Online

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool Poster
Infinity Pool
  • Average Tomatometer - 86%
  • Average Audience Score - 52%

Infinity Pool centers around a novelist on vacation with his wife, who both wander away from the resort only to wind up amongst the country's natives, who embody a culture highlighted by violence and horror.

On top of the aforementioned brutality and scary vibes, the couple experiences plenty of isolation and psychological manipulation while the supernatural elements and jump-scare moments make for a perfect scary story told in 118 minutes.

Infinity Pool can be streamed on Hulu.

Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise poster
Evil Dead Rise
  • Average Tomatometer - 84%
  • Average Audience Score - 76%

Based on Sam Raimi's Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead Rise marks the fifth movie in the franchise and the first since 2013, with a reunion between a pair of sisters being interrupted by a demon uprising as they fight for their lives.

With a book bound in human skin, bloody massacres, and plenty of mental scares due to tight and dark spaces, the horror genre is embodied quite well as fans are put on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Evil Dead Rise is available to stream digitally on both Max and DirecTV.

No One Will Save You

No One Will Save You poster
No One Will Save You
  • Average Tomatometer - 82%
  • Average Audience Score - 57%

Starring Last Man Standing's Kaitlyn Dever, No One Will Save You centers on a young girl who winds up terrified inside her childhood home after she's woken up by otherworldly noises and sounds.

More than anything else, this movie's use of silence is eerily haunting. There are only five words of dialogue in its 93-minute runtime, as fans are left waiting and anxious to find out what happens with each passing moment.

No One Will Save You is currently streaming on Hulu after its release on that very platform.

Saw X

Saw X poster
Saw X
  • Average Tomatometer - 79%
  • Average Audience Score - 89%

Saw X is the tenth movie in the Saw film series, taking the story to Mexico City as Tobin Bell's John Kramer seeks out an experimental medical procedure to cure a brain cancer diagnosis, although he finds out the operation is a fraud.

The 10th Saw movie took some of its horror elements to new levels, particularly by utilizing more blood and gore, with many fans praising how far the film went in the horror direction on that front.

Saw X is currently available for digital purchase and via VOD.

Scream VI

Scream VI poster
Scream VI
  • Average Tomatometer - 76%
  • Average Audience Score - 91%

Jenna Ortega leads a star-studded cast in Scream VI as the plot follows a new iteration of the Ghostface killer from past movies, one who is targeting the survivors of New York City's "Woodsboro legacy murders."

While Scream VI largely used the same horror tactics as its predecessors, such as jump scares and plenty of violence, this film also paid tribute to plenty of other spooky stories such as Ortega's Wednesday series on Netflix and films from horror icons like Wes Craven.

Scream VI is currently streaming on FuboTV, Paramount+, and Showtime.


  • Average Tomatometer - 75%
  • Average Audience Score - 69%

V/H/S/85 centers on an ominous broadcast that takes fans back to nightmares last seen in the 1980s, kickstarting the wrath of an ancient god as fans see a number of horrifying events take place across the globe.

Horror elements can be seen all over this movie, including in a lake that brings people back from the dead, a creature rising from the afterlife via a performance art piece, and a guns-blazing bloody massacre with the undead.

V/H/S/85 is currently streaming on both AMC+ and Shudder.

Beau is Afraid - 67%

Beau is Afraid
Beau is Afraid
  • Average Tomatometer - 67%
  • Average Audience Score - 71%

Beau is Afraid tells the story of a mild-mannered man focused heavily on his paranoia as he goes on a journey home from his mother's funeral, although he has to face the greatest fears of his life on the way back.

This new entry fits more into the horror-comedy genre as well, although there are a couple of jump scares and unsettling moments mixed in with calmer and less scary scenes, which makes the transitions more jarring than in other horror films.

Beau is Afraid is only available on VOD/digital for the time being.

Knock at the Cabin - 67%

Knock at the Cabin
Knock at the Cabin
  • Average Tomatometer - 67%
  • Average Audience Score - 63%

Knock at the Cabin highlights a young girl and her parents vacationing in a remote cabin before being taken hostage by strangers, who make demands of them in order to prevent a global apocalypse.

The M. Night Shyamalan-directed movie is described as a psychological horror thriller, only featuring minimal gory moments and violence, although the atmosphere and sense of uneasiness throughout the plot add a different kind of scary factor.

Knock at the Cabin is streaming everywhere on Amazon Prime Video.

Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear, poster
Cocaine Bear
  • Average Tomatometer - 66%
  • Average Audience Score - 71%

Director Elizabeth Banks brings Cocaine Bear to life, telling the story of a massive black bear that consumes a high amount of the film's titular drug and rampages through the forests of Georgia with human lives at risk.

While this film is more of a horror-comedy than a straight-up horror, there are plenty of terrifying moments as the bear goes wild, including plenty of gore, death, and blood filling the plot from start to finish.

Cocaine Bear can be streamed digitally on Amazon Prime Video.


  • Average Tomatometer - 65%
  • Average Audience Score - 42%

Unwelcome tells the tale of a couple escaping to rural Ireland for a time of peace and tranquility, although they quickly learn about mysterious creatures in the woods who change the entire trajectory of their time getting away from terrors in their urban neighborhood.

Home invasion and Irish folklore are a couple of the biggest horror elements in this new film, although motherhood and trauma also play a part in the adventure along with the frights that come from a home invasion.

Fans are welcome to stream Unwelcome on AMC+, DirecTV, and Shudder.

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