James Gunn Debunks Rumor About Henry Cavill's DC Future

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Once again, James Gunn is setting the record straight concerning Henry Cavill and the first project of the DCU reboot.

Soon after Gunn assumed the role of DC Studios co-CEO, he confirmed that the new DCU's Superman would not be Henry Cavill.

Instead, a new actor would be cast to play the Man of Steel in Superman: Legacy, the first film of Gunn and Peter Safran's Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate. 

But even though it's the first film of the reboot, it's not the new DCU's first project. That honor belongs to Creature Commandos which Gunn and Safran reportedly wanted Cavill for in lieu of him being recast. 

But as usual, James Gunn was on-hand to let fans know the difference between fact and fiction. 

James Gunn Dismisses Henry Cavill Rumor

James Gunn has shut down the rumor that Superman's Henry Cavill was approached to voice Frankenstein for DC Studios' Creature Commandos HBO Max series.

When asked about the rumor on Twitter, Gunn responded, saying, "We have our Frankenstein" and "it's not Henry:"

"Completely false. We have our Frankenstein - our first choice - & it’s not Henry. Was never discussed with him."

Creature Commandos is a seven-episode animated series featuring a team of otherworldy creatures, including Rick Flag Sr., Weasel, Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, and more. 


Gunn has also mentioned that the voice actors of Creature Commandos would cross over into live-action in the future. 

Why the Henry Cavill Claims Keep Coming

Given the nature of how Warner Bros. handled Henry Cavill, coupled with him being one of the few former DCU stars with no future or upcoming cameo in the franchise, audiences are naturally interested and even angry about his DC narrative. 

As a result, James Gunn has borne the brunt of the fan base's backlash while also debunking other false claims.

While only time will tell if Henry Cavill does, in fact, have a future in the DCU, this recent rumor isn't the only news concerning Creature Commandos

In February, Gunn revealed that casting was almost done for the series and production would begin in the near future. 

Since the DC Studios executive now claims to have found his Frankenstein, hopefully, fans should be hearing more about Creature Commandos' progress in the near future.

Creature Commandos is expected to release on HBO Max in 2025.

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