Hawkeye's Next Disney+ Spin-off Show Gets Promising Release Year Update

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A new update offered good news to fans excited for the Hawkeye spin-off series Echo to hit Disney+ as the MCU's Phase 5 continues.

Marvel's Disney+ shows are continuing to see seemingly major delays, with the 208-day gap between The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and the start of Secret Invasion marking the longest break between MCU Disney+ installments to date.

At one point, Secret Invasion, What If...?'s second season, Loki's second season, Echo, Ironheart, X-Men '97, and Agatha: Coven of Chaos were all set to release in 2023, in various combinations. Now, however, that has changed, though no new official release dates for anything except June 21's Secret Invasion have been announced.

Now, however, an update may offer new information about when the story started in Hawkeye might finally continue in Echo.

When Will Echo Release on Disney+?

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According to Lizzie Hill of the Cosmic Circus, Echo is, as of now, still set to release on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

However, this date could always change, and Marvel Studios & Disney+ have provided no update since the Hawkeye spin-off was first announced with a Summer 2023 premiere at last year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Hill Tweeted "Last I was told, as of a few days ago, Echo is still releasing later this year," adding "Hopefully that doesn't change."

This report aligns with an earlier rumor from insider KC Walsh. That, combined with a new rumor about Loki's second season coming in October, equate to this speculative release timeline for the MCU's upcoming Disney+ series:

  • Secret Invasion - June 2023 (confirmed)
  • Loki (Season 2) - October 2023 (from the Cosmic Circus)
  • Echo - November or December 2023 (from Walsh, with the year corroborated by Hill)
  • Ironheart - 2024 (from Walsh)

Marvel Studios' Future on Disney Plus

In Marvel's effort to improve on its Phase 4 projects, fans have had a lengthy break from the MCU on Disney+.

However, Marvel has not canceled any of its television ventures, despite the major delays and occasional production trouble they have faced.

As such, either when Secret Invasion hits in June, fans will get another surge of releases, or there will continue to be longer breaks between releases like what followed The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

Likely, the next project after Secret Invasion to release would be Loki's second season, as footage has already been released, teasing what is to come in the story's next chapter.

If the reports of Echo releasing in 2023 are true, though, that implies that between June and December of this year, fans will get three additions to the MCU from the streaming platform, after months of inactivity.

Echo does not currently have a set release date, but when it does premiere it will be on Disney+.

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