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Harley Quinn Season 3 Producer Confirms Release Date Window

Harley Quinn, HBO, DC
By Russ Milheim

At one point in time, The Joker was the most well-known villain in Batman's rogue gallery. While this might still be the case, in recent years, it almost seems as if Harley Quinn's popularity has grown to match, and sometimes even surpass, that of The Clown Prince of Crime himself. A lot of that can likely be attributed to Margot Robbie's take on the character.

Despite her debut project, Suicide Squad, not being so beloved, Margot's performance stood out. She went on to star in Birds of Prey and James Gunn's The Suicide Squad revamp—with many more appearances undoubtedly in the works in the coming years.

Parallel to her live-action presence, the character also headlines a hit HBO Max animated adult comedy titled after her namesake. This time around, the character is performed by Kaley Cuoco, and the story follows Harley as she tries to navigate the world of supervillain-y without her abusive ex, Mr. J.

The show has been a hit with fans and has since completed two seasons. At this point, it's sadly been nearly two years since any new episodes have been released. So when can audiences expect to be able to sit down for more of Quinn's animated antics?

When Will Harley Quinn Season 3 Release?

Harley Quinn

The showrunner and executive producer of HBO Max's animated Harley Quinseries, Patrick Schumacker, took to Twitter to tease when fans might see the show released for the world's viewing pleasure.

In his Tweet, Patrick Schumacker said "he's not allowed to tell" what the specific air date is, but Schumacker did throw out the not-so-subtle hint that it would drop "in the time of year that rhymes with "schummer," confirming that Harley Quinn Season 3 will premiere on HBO Max in Summer 2022:

"I do know the release date, but I'm not allowed to tell. It is going to be in the time of year that rhymes with "schummer."

The More Harley Quinn the Better

For those that love the world of Harley Quinn, then the next few years are going to be quite enjoyable.

While Kaley Cuoco's show doesn't seem to have an ending in sight, what is happening is an additional spin-off series focusing on a supervillain bar purchased by the infamous Kite Man. The project is likely going to sport the same quirky, violent, and raunchy humor of its flagship series—it will also have big names such as Lex Luthor and Bane making appearances.

Season 3 of the hit animated series has already promised to take the crazy up a few notches. It recently came out how Warner Bros. required the removal of a Batman oral sex scene for the upcoming season—yes, that's a real sentence.

As for the live-action version of the character, it might be a second before Margot Robbie's return. While Warner Bros. undoubtedly has several projects revolving around her character in the works, the actress behind the role revealed that she needed a little break from playing her psychotic alter-ego.

Harley Quinn is currently available to stream on HBO Max, with the third season likely set to hit the service in the "schummer".

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