Godzilla Minus One Sequel Prospects: Will It Ever Release?

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Fans wonder where things stand with a sequel to Godzilla Minus One.

Godzilla Minus One was a sleeper hit upon its United States theatrical release in December 2023. The film was a back-to-basics take on the legendary kaiju that saw a ragtag group of humans launching a complex offensive against Godzilla and his many rampages.

Is There Potential for a Godzilla Minus One Sequel?

Godzilla Minus One poster
Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla Minus One was a monster-sized success and is the highest-grossing Japanese live-action film ever at the U.S. box office. Not only that, but Minus One also took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects at the 2024 Academy Awards.

A sequel to the film must be at the top of mind for Japan-based studio Toho, which has been producing Godzilla sequels since the 1950s. One would think that due to Minus One’s smash hit status, another movie would be gearing up for release.

Not so fast. According to director Takashi Yamazakiin an interview with Empire, no such follow-up has yet been put into development.

However, Yamazaki offered some rough ideas and thoughts about where the stories of the film’s central couple, Shikishima and Noriko, could gp next:

“I would certainly like to see what the sequel would look like... I know that Shikishima’s war seems over, and we’ve reached this state of peace and calm – but perhaps [it’s the] calm before the storm, and the characters have not yet been forgiven for what has been imposed upon them.”

For the uninitiated, Shikishima, the ex-kamikaze pilot Godzilla Minus One primarily focuses on, was a crucial player in the Japanese population’s attack against Godzilla. Without providing any specific details, Shikishima‘s story ends happily.

For Yamazaki to mention that this happy conclusion might be the “calm before the storm” is a bit unsettling, especially considering that the movie’s final scenes reveal that Godzilla is still alive.

At Godzilla Minus One’s Japanese premiere, Takashi Yamazaki held a Q&A session after the screening. It was during this segment (via Dexerto) that the filmmaker admitted that he would like to “make one more movie,” fueling the fire of sequel speculation:

“I’ve always wanted to make a Godzilla movie, so this was the moment when my dream of 50 years came true. But I felt lonely [after it was finished]… I wanted to make one more movie. I wonder if you can give me one?”

Yamazaki also spoke to HJ Web (via ComicBook.com). He was pessimistic about the prospect of a second Godzilla film but also confessed that he would be “a little sad” if somebody else were to helm it if it happened:

“No, no, there is no such talk at all. But I might be a little sad if someone else is chosen to direct the next Godzilla movie. When someone says, ‘This is the person who will direct the next Godzilla,’ I think, ‘Ah!’ And when someone says, ‘Please do it,’ I think, ‘Ah!’”

Godzilla Minus One producer Minami Ichikawa additionally spoke to GQ Japan (via CBR) and remarked that there wasn’t “any need to rush things too much,” stressing the need to work on any potential sequel “carefully:”

“A few years ago, there was an animated Godzilla movie, and in the future we will continue to realize various new ideas such as publications, merchandise, and collaborative products. However, as for the next live-action movie, I personally don't think there's any need to rush things too much. After all, movies are all about the power of the work. We have a good idea, a good script, a good director, and a good cast, and we want to work on it carefully. After all, Godzilla is a character that is worth that much.”

Where Could Godzilla Minus One Go Next?

The ending of Godzilla Minus One makes one thing clear: Godzilla was not vanquished. He’s probably none too pleased that a bunch of tiny little humans banded together in an attempt to eliminate him.

Godzilla is a bona fide force of nature, and more often than not, humanity has little hope of truly stopping him. At best, they can slow him down a little. So, in the event of a sequel to Minus One, the legendary kaiju will return to his literal stomping grounds to cause more chaos.

Many critics and fans highly praised the human story in Minus One. Sometimes, however, the boots-on-the-ground human perspective can be overlooked and half-baked in these movies. 

But Godzilla Minus One caused many people to genuinely care about the fate of Noriko and Shikishima, whose adventures were portrayed with a deep emotional resonance.

Perhaps the next Toho Godzilla film will carry on the relationship between the two characters as they face whatever life, or Godzilla, has in store for them next.

Godzilla Minus One is without a streaming home in the U.S. but should become available later this year.

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