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George Harrison Xanthis as John In The Chosen

The Chosen isn't only unique for its personal, relatable portrayal of Jesus, but also for the focus on his followers, including John the Apostle played by actor George Harrison Xanthis.

John has been part of Jesus' inner circle since Season 1, and with Season 4 now streaming and Season 5 on the way, here are 5 things to know about the recurring series star, George Harrison Xanthis.

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Meet George Harrison Xanthis - Biography Details

George Harrison Xanthis as John in The Chosen
The Chosen

George H. Xanthis' Love for Acting Started at School

Born in September of 1989 and hailing from Earlwood in New South Wales, Australia, the 35-year-old has "been wanting to act since I was at school."

In an interview with Sorted, George H. Xanthis recalled discovering his passion due to a teacher, who asked him to "Do an impression:"

"Do an impression of Mr Reed in front of the whole class! He then went on to get me to rattle off impressions of all the teachers in the school. That helped me to see that I had a knack for comedy, and that led me into the industry.”

Xanthis worked in theater for six years before landing a paid TV job and becoming a comedy scriptwriter for shows, all while still performing impressions.

The actor described his career path as "an interesting avenue" to land The Chosen's dramatic role, but yet one that makes sense:

“It’s an interesting avenue for getting into a dramatic series like 'The Chosen'. I do think that the most dramatic form of acting is in comedy; whenever you see a comedic actor you will see him expressing every form of emotion, so it was pretty simple to come back to do dramatic action if you are a comic.”

George Consulted His Local Priest for The Chosen Role

Among Jesus' Twelve Disciples, John the Apostle is unique in several ways.

In addition to his close bond with Jesus, John's brother, James, was also one of the twelve, and Jesus actually nicknamed the two "Sons of Thunder" due to their fiery impulsiveness. 

James and John's parents were also mentioned in the Bible, as well as portrayed in The Chosen, and John ultimately went on to write five New Testament books, including the Book of Revelation. 

In The Chosen, Xanthis juggles John's various roles of brother, son, follower, and future author, especially since he's often seen recording what Jesus says in various scenes.

But as for Xanthis' own family, faith, and background, the actor told Eternity News, "I've been Greek Orthodox my whole life:"

“In terms of a cultural identity, I’ve been Greek Orthodox my whole life. I’ve always gone to Greek Easter, and I go to church with my grandparents. There’s the Rose Bay Greek Orthodox church named after Saint George. My grandmother, who lives around that area, loves taking me there."

This is why George reached out to his family priest, Father Stephen, to learn about the Biblical person of John in preparing for his role, saying:

“Being able to talk to the priest who has been in our family for so long was really special."

George Won a Webby Award for Syd2030

The Chosen hasn't been George H. Xanthis' only success. 

Prior to being cast as John, Xanthis won a Webby Award in 2015 in Drama: Long Form or Series for his role in Syd2030, which was nominated for Best Drama at the Melbourne Web Fest.

Xanthis went on to be nominated by the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards for Best New Talent in 2016's Open Slather, and he was shortlisted for Best Actor at the 2017 Logie Awards for his performance in Deep Water.

George is a Big Liverpool Supporter

In the previously mentioned interview with Sorted, Xanthis discussed his support for Liverpool FC, revealing how he was staying with a U.S. friend he met through a Liverpool FC supporters group when he auditioned for The Chosen

When asked specifically why he's a Liverpool supporter, the actor replied, "Well my name is George Harrison, and I have been supporting the team for 20 years."

The actor further showed his love for Liverpool FC in talking with Against the Tide

When asked about his favorite pastime apart from acting, he answered:

"Football. Soccer. I'm wearing my favorite team at the moment: Liverpool. But yeah, I love playing football."

George's Favorite Superhero is Spider-Man

In addition to sharing his support for Liverpool FC with Against the Tide, Xanthis revealed Spider-Man is his favorite superhero, saying: 

"Favorite superhero is Spider-Man for sure because he web-slings. He's awesome. He's fun. He's funny."  

No doubt Spidey's signature humor appeals to Xanthis' own comedic background. 

How To George Harrison Xanthis Online

George Harrison Xanthis is active on social media, with accounts on Instagram (@georgehxanthis), Facebook (George H. Xanthis), X (@georgehxanthis), and TikTok (@georgehxanthis).

Seasons 1-4 of The Chosen is available to stream on The Chosen's free app, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock

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