Geo Kitten Explained: How It Knows Where You Live

By Sam Hargrave Posted:
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Geo Kitten players are puzzled about how the online game knows where they live.

What Is Geo Kitten?

The online game called Geo Kitten calls for users to pick between two images of cats four times, pondering the question, "Can your choice in kittens reveal where you live?"

Geo Kitten is one of many online minigames produced under Bored Button - a site on which a player can simply click a button to be taken to one of their hundreds of games and pass-time activities. 

After each choice, the site will offer a gradually more specific detail on your location going through the continent, country, region, and finally, city.

Geo Kitten
Bored Button LLC

It will then ask the player to confirm the fresh detail is accurate, with a "Yes" response pushing them onto the next question and a "No" resulting in a "Rawr! Sry 2 Disappoint" with a crying cat emoji.

The player will proceed through the questions until, finally, they are presented with the city in which they are currently located before the Geo Kitten tells them, "Meow! Meez win again!"

While Geo Kitten may claim this answer resulted in an elaborate study of the player's preference for kittens, the actual answer is much simpler.

How Does Geo Kitten Work?

A peek into the source code for Geo Kitten confirms the game has already located and saved the player's current continent, country, region, and city before even the first kittens have been displayed. The pre-located details are then displayed one by one as the player progresses through the four rounds.

By simply clicking the "How Does This Work?" text on the button of Geo Kitten, the site explains the location is determined by the player's IP address before offering up additional details on internet privacy.

This confirms the Bored Button game operates with geolocation, a technique used to determine the general location of a user based on their IP address. 

While any website one visits can access their geolocation, it will not usually allow the site to find an exact address. The website will generally be able to find their location as specific as their ZIP code, but not an exact street or building number.

Curious players can visit Geo Kitten online now.

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