Controversial Gen V Actor Chance Perdomo Gets Edited Out of New Promo (Video)

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Gen V, Chance Perdomo

A new promo video for Gen V, Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys spin-off, edited out controversial star actor Chance Perdomo.

Centered on Godolkin University, the breeding ground for up-and-coming heroes in The Boys’ universe, Chance Perdomo is part of the core cast of characters in the series, playing Andre Anderson.

Anderson is a powerful Supe with magnetic powers coming from a legacy family (his father is the famous hero known as Polarity), and he works hard in this series to live up to the pressure that this legacy puts on him.

Chance Perdomo Taken Out of Gen V Promo

Gen V’s official X (formerly Twitter) page shared a new promo video featuring the show’s core cast discussing the series. However, one notable actor who wasn’t in the promo video at all was Andre Anderson actor Chance Perdomo, who is engulfed in controversy at the present time.

Andre Anderson, Chance Perdomo

While the Gen V cast was split in half to answer questions, one actor can be seen cropped out of the shot altogether as only an arm and leg vaguely make their way into the camera angle next to Emma Meyer actress Lizze Broadway.

Gen V cast, Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

As Gen V stars eight main young stars, seven of whom are featured in the video, Perdomo was the only clear absentee. His digital removal can be confirmed by turning to a past video posted prior to the backlash in which the Andre Anderson actor can be seen seated next to Broadway.

Gen V Cast Interview
Amazon Prime Video

Perdomo has come under fire on social media for following and liking accounts and posts that are quite controversial. This includes a number of pages for personalities deemed misogynistic and transphobic, including Andrew Tate, and he’s also reportedly expressed controversial opinions on the anti-vaccine agenda and actor Johnny Depp’s defamation case.

The video can be seen below:

Will Chance Perdomo Be Replaced on Gen V?

At this point in time, there has been no official statement made by any of the parties involved in this controversial matter, with Chance Perdomo still making his run on screen in Gen V Season 1.

In a year filled with superhero genre controversy (see Jonathan Majors’ domestic abuse case and Amber Heard’s defamation case against Johnny Depp), this news only causes more concern as Gen V continues.

With the show not yet officially renewed for a Season 2, it’s difficult to say whether Chance Perdomo will be replaced, although Prime Video may have some difficult decisions to make when the time comes depending on how the situation develops.

Up until recently, Perdomo had still been making his presence felt in the show's marketing, but his latest actions may well see him kept out of the spotlight until the backlash has a chance to blow over.

The first five episodes of Gen V are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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