DC Fans Are Disgusted by 1 Flash Movie Cameo from Dead Actor

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DC fans were not pleased when The Flash used a dead actor for a cameo in Warner Bros.' newest DCU movie.

Warning - this article contains spoilers for The Flash.

Even besides Michael Keaton making a highly-anticipated return to his role as Batman by way of the Multiverse, The Flash had no shortage of cameo appearances as alternate universes were explored for the first time.

Along with George Clooney's shocking comeback in the final scene as Bruce Wayne and more recent DCEU star appearances by Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, The Flash later took a wild trip down DC memory lane in the Speed Force.

This even included a couple of stars from past eras that are no longer alive - something many had real problems with.

DC Fans Angry at The Flash Cameo

George Reeves as Superman

DC fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment and anger over the late George Reeves' cameo appearance in DC Studios' The Flash.

Reeves played Superman in the Adventures of Superman TV series that ran from 1952 to 1958, although he committed suicide in 1959 at only 45 years old. Reportedly, the actor suffered from depression due to the difficulties he had finding work after being typecast as Superman before his untimely passing.

DC Studios used deepfake technology and CGI to include a cameo of Reeves' Superman in the Speed Force scene at the end of the movie alongside Christopher Reeve, Nicolas Cage, and other legacy actors from DC history.

Safe to say, fans were not happy about Reeves being brought back from the dead in the film.

KevDGrussing pointed out the irony that The Flash premiered on the anniversary of the day Reeves committed suicide because of his role as Superman, telling Warner Bros. and Andy Muschietti to "f**k off with that:"

"Wait a f**king minute, they CGI’d George Reeves into 'The Flash'? On the 63rd anniversary of his suicide that occurred b/c George was depressed over his career being ruined thru typecasting BECAUSE HE WAS SUPERMAN?! Yeah, Warner Brothers and Andy Muschietti can f**k off with that!"

SteveRogers1943 used similarly choice language after seeing Reeves, starting a 17-tweet thread detailing the reasons why the actor "never would’ve wanted [to be] involved" with The Flash were he alive:

"Fuck WB for doing this 'Flash' movie CGI cameo to George Reeves. He never would’ve wanted involved. a thread! George gained fame from portraying Superman (the second man to do so in live action) in the series 'Adventures of Superman' from 1952-1958"

SpitfireSin commented on how the film kept Ezra Miller in the movie after their numerous controversial incidents while also including "SUPER shitty deepfakes" of Reeves along with the late Adam West (Batman) and Christopher Reeve (Superman).

This user also called it "lazy and insulting" to try to honor somebody like that without "putting any effort into it:"

"So I just found out that, in the new 'Flash' movie, not only did they keep Ezra Miller, who is a fucking criminal, but they also put in SUPER shitty deepfakes of Christopher Reeve, George Reeves, and Adam West. Not only is that horrifying because one of them shot himself...

But it's horrifying to feature them in AI when they aren't even alive to be able to consent to it. If they wanted to pay respect to someone, using AI is not the way to do it. It's like paying respects to someone and not putting any effort into it. It's lazy and insulting."

the_S_E_A also touched on Reeves' suicide after playing Superman was "something he resented about his career," expressing his disappointment in The Flash for parading him around in the Speed Force scene:

"This is George Reeves, an actor most known for playing Superman, something he resented about his career. He didn’t want to be typecast as Superman for his whole career. Eventually he committed suicide. 64 years TO THE DAY, his likeness was paraded around via CGI in 'The Flash.'"

TomMCJL admonished The Flash for the fact that, even though Superman was "a role [Reeves] openly DID NOT want to reprise," the studio "defiles his likeliness" for a nonsensical cameo meant to bring a cheer-worthy moment in theaters:

"George Reeves allegedly committed suicide over career struggles after Superman, a role he openly DID NOT want to reprise. 'The Flash' defiles his likeliness for a flyby senseless CGI cameo so audiences can cheer at the film - one that releases on the anniversary of his death."

Will DC Change Their Ways After The Flash Cameo Letdown?

Superman, George Reeves

To put it simply, most fans are not pleased with the fact that DC not only put an actor in the movie who had been dead for nearly 65 years but one who was so publicly outspoken about his time playing Superman being such a negative experience.

Reeves wasn't even the only dead actor to make a cameo in the movie, as Christopher Reeve's Man of Steel was also used, although actors like Nicolas Cage shot new material for their roles.

There were even a few cameos from the movie that didn't make the cut, although all of them featured either people that were alive or used simple archive footage like the material that fans saw in Sony Pictures' Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

And while nothing can undo what DC did with this movie, this will hopefully help to set a precedent for what the studio shouldn't do as James Gunn and Peter Safran look to start their new slate of projects in the next couple of years.

The Flash is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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