The Flash Star Casts Doubt on Ben Affleck's Batman Retirement

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While 2021 held only one DCEU project, 2022 looks to be Warner Bros' biggest year to date. The studio already started strong with James Gunn's Peacemaker, which has become the most in-demand currently-airing series. The rest of the year will hold even more DC Comics goodies, including Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam, Jason Momoa's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Leslie Grace's Batgirl.

Also, on the docket? The long-awaited The Flash, which will give a solo movie to the only Justice League member that currently doesn't have one.

The Scarlet Speedster has been trying to get a solo outing for what feels like a decade at this point. Now it's finally happening. Not only that, but it's set to be a doozy; the story will be adapting the Flashpoint Paradox—a Multiverse story that serves as a big continuity reset.

Joining Miller is not one, but two Dark Knights. Michael Keaton's classic Bruce Wayne will be returning, as will Ben Affleck's Batman from the previous DCEU films. However, only one will continue donning the cape in the future.

Affleck has made it well known that he hasn't been too happy in the role and has confirmed The Flash will be his final outing as the Dark Knight. Or is it? 

The Flash Doubts The Batman's Exit

The Flash star Ezra Miller posted a suspicious story onto his Instagram tying back to his DCEU solo movie.

On it, Miller scribbles "HA HA HA" in red, Joker-esque font, while underlining a line referencing how Ben Affleck's performance in his upcoming film will be his last.

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Ezra Miller

The article seen in the background is from Variety, in which Ben Affleck discusses his Batman role in The Flash. The part which is specifically underlined in Miller's story is the piece's byline, which reads: "Ben Affleck said 'it was really fun and really, really satisfying' playing Batman one last time."

Not The End of Batfleck?

This is undoubtedly a strange move by Ezra Miller. It's hard to believe that Ben Affleck would go back on his word of retirement after everything he'd opened up about for some time.

Affleck leaving the role isn't fueled by a drive to hide spoilers. Instead, it's far more personal, something that's been driven by years of rocky cinematic roads and troublesome production alongside problematic press.

Miller's story could also just be trolling, especially in light of the reports that his film will erase the Snyder-verse continuity—something he also made a response to.

Whatever the case, fans will have to wait until The Flash releases in theaters worldwide on November 4.

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