First Look at Five Nights at Freddy's Movie Animatronics In HD (Photos)

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Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronics

New images from Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood gave fans a fresh, high-quality look at the life-size animatronics used for the new Blumhouse horror film Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Fans of the horror game franchise have been begging for the franchise to get a big-screen adaptation, and now it’s just over a month from becoming a reality.

The movie will star Josh Hutcherson, Matthew Lillard, and Mary Stuart Masterson. It follows a troubled security guard getting hired for the night shift at the abandoned Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant and arcade—a setup that will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played the games.

Thankfully, from the footage and images already shown from the film, fans know that the movie did an incredible job at bringing Freddy and his terrifying animatronic friends to life.

A High-Quality Look at Freddy Fazbear and His Friends

The Direct attended Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood at Universal Studios where Blumhouse had the live-size animatronics for Five Nights at Freddy's on display. Better yet, they were the exact same ones used during the film's actual projection.

Freddy Fazbear

The first animatronic on display was none other than Freddy Fazbear himself.

Five Nights at Freddy's, Freddy

It's clear that the film perfectly nailed the character's terrifying smile.

In the Five Nights at Freddy's lore, Freddy is the main mascot of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He also leads the animatronic band as its singer.

The scary bear is haunted by the spirit of a slaughtered child named Gabriel.

Five Nights at Freddy's, Freddy


Next up is Chica, who looks like a young female chicken sporting a bib with the phrase, "Let's Eat!!!" on it.

Five Nights at Freddy's, Chica

Chica is Freddy's backup singer and is one of the only female members of the group. Susie is the name of the unfortunate soul who was trapped in this particular animatronic.

Five Nights at Freddy's, Chica

And, of course, with Chica comes her iconic pink Cupcake.

Five Nights at Freddy's, Chica


Bonnie, the frightening, guitar-playing blue bunny animatronic, looks just like her counterpart in the source material.

Five Nights at Freddy's, Bonnie

While many know this creation as Bonnie, the soul residing within this member of Freddy's band is a young child named Jeremy.

Five Nights at Freddy's, Bonnie


Last but certainly not least is the bright red pirate, Foxy, and his intimidating hook hand.

Five Nights at Freddy's, Foxy

Unlike the other animatronics, Foxy is not a part of Freddy's band. Instead, he had his own performance in an area on Freddy Fazbear's called Pirate Cove.

Sadly, Foxy started to rot after being left unused for so long. Though, now he's not alone—the mechanical housing is home to the tormented soul of Fritz, a long-dead kid.

Five Nights at Freddy's, Foxy

Blumhouse Knocked the Animatronics Out of the Park

Needless to say, the Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics look incredible. Even if the film ends up being a lackluster adventure overall, at least the world was able to witness these immaculately designed puppets.

The real test will be seeing how well they look in action—and how heavily the project will lean into CGI to bridge the gaps.

These four aren't the only animatronics that will feature in the film. A previous trailer briefly showed Springtrap, while Golden Freddy will likely be included at some point as well.

If Five Nights at Freddy’s is successful, the series has insane potential as a franchise. The IP already has a massive following through gaming and books, so multiple movies and television shows could easily materialize over the next decade.

So far, it seems that Blumhouse is on the right track. There’s already a palpable excitement for the upcoming horror film amongst audiences, so fingers crossed that it comes out great.

Five Nights at Freddy’s releases in theaters and streaming on Peacock on October 27.

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