The Death of DC's SnyderVerse Is Great News for Fast and Furious

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Given that the SnyderVerse is at its end, some of its talented actors could soon explore their unfinished business in the Fast & Furious franchise. 

The SnyderVerse had a good run, but it's now time to move on from that story. The DCEU's end means that its core stars would now be allowed to seek new opportunities, and Fast X has seemingly started the major shift. 

Before joining the DCEU, big names like Gal Gadot, Djimon Hounsou, and Dwayne Johnson were all featured in past Fast films. Fast X's new big bad Jason Momoa (who previously portrayed Aquaman) even joined the fun at the last minute. 

Why Gal Gadot & Dwayne Johnson’s Returns in Fast X Are Perfect

Fast & Furious
Fast & Furious

Fast X featured surprising comebacks for two perennial franchise favorites: Gal Gadot's Gisele Yashar and Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs

Gadot's return was particularly unexpected after seemingly dying in Fast 6. However, Gisele's appearance in Fast X strongly indicated a much larger role for the character in the next installments of the franchise. 

After a well-documented off-screen conflict with franchise star Vin Diesel, Johnson appears to have made amends with his co-star, meaning that his appearance in Fast X's post-credits scene allows him to play a major role in future movies while also kickstarting the hype for a possible Hobbs & Shaw 2

Jason Momoa's incredible performance as Dante Reyes in Fast X, combined with the fact that he survived the events of this new entry, cemented the idea that he is likely the franchise's ultimate big bad. 

These three DCEU actors are now poised to play a bigger role down the line. 

But Wait, Which DCEU Actors Will Not Likely Return?

Hobbs & Shaw
Idris Elba as Brixton Lore

Before heading to heavy speculation, there are other DCEU actors who might not end up returning for the grand finale. 

Djimon Hounsou's Mose Jakande is good as dead after meeting his end in Furious 7 while Michael Rooker's Buddy only had a minor role in Fast 9 (he could still come back, but the odds are unlikely). 

There is also a slim chance John Cena's Jakob Toretto (who portrays Peacemaker in the DCEU) will join the race party after sacrificing himself for Dom and Little Brian at the end of Fast X. The character's return would ruin the impact of his sacrifice. 

In Hobbs & Shaw, the titular pair managed to "decommission" Idris Elba's Brixton Lore, ultimately defeating him in an epic final battle. Given that the character seemingly died, bringing him back for the last two movies would cheapen the stakes. 

All Roads Lead to an Endgame Finale

Fast & Furious
Fast & Furious

In May 2021, during the lead-up to Fast 9's premiere, Vin Diesel was asked by Entertainment Weekly what inspired the decision to wrap up the saga with two more films. 

The Fast & Furious actor responded by saying that seeing how the MCU's Infinity Saga ended with two films (Infinity War and Endgame) led to that decision: 

EW: "The announcement was made a few months ago that you guys will do two more films after 'Fast 9' to wrap up the main series, as you still continue to build the world out via other spin-offs and vehicles. What went into that decision?"

Diesel: "Well, kind of because that’s always what was discussed. Even as far back as 2012, 2013, it was something that [Paul Walker] and I would discuss, finishing on the 10th one. That just always felt right. And being a part of the Marvel franchise, seeing that possibility that when you have that much story you can end with two films. It was something that we’d talked about that became real. It’s just been such a wonderful, wonderful run, and we’d always envisioned that 10 would be the farewell, the finale, and that is what our story is working towards."

Looking ahead, the SnyderVerse actors are all expected to be pushed to the forefront, with Gal Gadot's Gisele and Dwayne Johnson's Hobbs all returning to reunite with Dom and his crew for one final push against Jason Momoa's psychotic Dante Reyes. 

While a portals moment (sorry, Marvel fans) is out of the realm of possibility for obvious reasons, a similar scene can still happen by cementing what the word family means for Dom and his crew. 

Given that Diesel seemingly confirmed that there will still be two Fast & Furious movies after Fast X, it's possible that Fast 11 will focus on addressing the team's fate after the cliffhanger ending while also working towards a reunion to set up Fast 12

Fast & Furious 12 (aka the final movie in the main saga) could be an all-out war between Dante's forces and the newly-reunited crew of Dom alongside returning members Gisele, Hobbs, and many more surprises. 

That said, every piece of the Fast & Furious puzzle appears to leaning towards a cameo-filled and action-packed finale in the final two movies, echoing what Avengers: Endgame did to the MCU. 

Fast X is playing in theaters worldwide. 

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