Fast 10's Surprise Ending Twist Explained by Vin Diesel

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Vin Diesel discussed Fast X's twist ending that involved Gal Gadot's surprise appearance. 

Gal Gadot made a surprise appearance as Gisele at the end of Fast X, serving as last-minute backup for Letty and Cipher after escaping from The Agency's maximum security prison in Antarctica. 

Fast X's ending was also unprecedented, considering the fate of several main stars was unknown when the credits rolled. 

It remains to be seen if the likes of Tyrese Gibson's Roman Pearce, Ludacris' Tej Parker, Sung Kang's Han, and even Vin Diesel's Dom are alive and well after Dante Reyes' well-executed plan of revenge. 

Vin Diesel Talks About Fast & Furious 10's Surprise Twist

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Speaking with Variety, Dom Toretto actor Vin Diesel was asked about co-star Michelle Rodriguez's comments about the fact that they shot scenes with Gal Gadot in other movies for her comeback as Gisele Yashar. However "it didn't work out" until Fast X

Diesel responded by confirming that they did "[shoot] other things a long time ago" that might not have fit for a specific Fast & Furious movie before admitting that "doing [post-credits] tags" are a "very tricky thing:"

Variety: "Michelle [Rodriguez] told me that you had shot stuff with Gal in other movies for her to come back in other movies, but that it didn't work out until this one..."

Diesel: "We had shot other things a long time ago that might not have fit for that specific movie as a finale. Doing tags is a very tricky thing, because you want this great talent, and at the same time you want to you have to be very careful to maintain the emotional state of your audience at the end of the movie. So that's what you're juggling, and we're just really lucky to have it work here..."

The Fast X lead star noted that this is the first cliffhanger ending of the Fast & Furious franchise, promising fans that they are definitely going to "deliver the conclusion:"

"This is the first time we've ever released a movie where the audience has essentially said, 'I see your bet and we raise you.' They are walking out of the theater - because it's a cliffhanger - with a different kind of... there's a different deal. When you see this movie, you know we have to deliver the conclusion because we've never, in Universal history, had a cliffhanger like we had in this movie."

Meanwhile, Fast X director Louis Leterrier previously said that he was present on set while Gal was filming her scene for the movie: 

"I was on the set with her. I was lucky enough to see Gal Gadot and give her a big hug and a thank you at the end of the shoot. That was a highlight for me. I was lucky enough to direct one commercial with her, and I saw the power of Gal Gadot for 30 seconds. So, now that I get to not only work with her but also bring back Gisele into the franchise, I’m the happiest fan in the world."

Why Fast X’s Surprise Ending Is Perfect

Vin Diesel's comments about Fast X's cliffhanger indicate that the twist ending was planned for a while. 

In fact, the Fast & Furious actor previously said that he intended to end the franchise with two films after being inspired by what Marvel did with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, meaning that a cliffhanger ending was a no-brainer from the get-go.  

Leaving a massive cliffhanger also allows fans to be invested in what's next, boosting the anticipation for Fast & Furious 11

However, there is also a downside to giving the audience a cliffhanger, mainly because Fast 11 is two years away from its premiere. It's possible that waiting too long could hurt the hype and the anticipation for some fans. 

This is a different scenario with the MCU since Infinity War and Endgame debuted one year apart in 2018 and 2019 respectively. 

Still, bringing back Gal Gadot's Gisele and Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs in Fast X appears to be the first of many surprises that Diesel will look to deliver in order to showcase a satisfying finish line for the Fast franchise despite the long wait. 

Fast X is still playing in theaters worldwide.

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