Fast & Furious 10 Gets Imminent Online Release Date

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Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel

Fast 10 will see its online home release far sooner than expected.

Fast X brought about the beginning of the end for Fast and Furious and even delivered a surprise ending as it kicks off a three-part finale for the action mainstay.

Arriving with a record-breaking $340 million budget, the studio set itself up for financial disappointment with Fast X, as cracking a profit will be no easy task.

This task will not be made any easier as the movie opened with the lowest box office for a mainline Fast and Furious movie since 2006's Tokyo Drift

Fast X's Digital Release Date Revealed

Fast X, Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa

The Microsoft Store listed the digital release date of Fast X as Friday, June 9 - a staggeringly low 21 days after its theatrical debut.

As of now, Universal Studios has yet to confirm a physical release date for Fast & Furious 10 on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD. But with its digital drop coming so soon, the physical release could come as soon as late June or early July.

With regard to when Fast X will come to streaming, the movie is expected to find its exclusive streaming home on NBCUniversal's own Peacock, which is currently home to only two entries in the speeding franchise - Furious 7 and F9

Based on past Universal releases, Fast X could come to Peacock any time between early July and mid-August. But the unprecedentedly early digital release suggests Fast 10 could come to streaming at the earlier end of that window. 

Fast X's Early Digital Release Date Explained

Fast X coming to digital just three weeks after it came to theaters will come as a surprise to many, especially for a blockbuster action movie from a franchise as massive as Vin Diesel's Fast and Furious. So, why is this happening?

For one, Fast X has proven to be a shocking disappointment at the box office, having seen a huge 65.6% drop domestically in its second weekend. 

Looking at the movie's recent third weekend it took home just $28.5 million domestically, even lower than the $29.1 million taken in by F9 during the same period in its theatrical run - and that came out in June 2021 mid-pandemic.

Looking at Fast X's box office results so far, the movie isn't a disaster by any means, with $117.8 million domestic and $523.6 million worldwide total. However, the tenth Fast and Furious movie certainly appears to have past its prime, and with more competition on the way, things are bound to only get worse.

Dwindling results and the acceptance of its limited remaining box office potential are likely behind Universal's decision to bring Fast X home so early. At least this way the studio can capitalize on all the marketing still out there from the theatrical run to push for as many home release sales as possible.

Bringing its movies to digital so early is nothing new for Universal lately, with Cocaine Bear, Violent Night, and Knock at the Cabin coming home just 18 days after theaters. This likely came due to low box office performance, with all three of the movies mentioned above finishing their runs under $90 million worldwide.

That said, Nicolas Cage's vampire affair Renfield was also a recent bomb for Universal, grossing just $25 million worldwide, and the studio still held out on its digital release until June 6, 53 days after its April 14 theatrical drop.

What exactly this means for Fast and Furious' future is tough to say, but it certainly indicates the studio's disappointment. Perhaps this may be a sign that audiences' interest in this franchise is truly dropping as it comes to its conclusion.

Fast X is playing now in theaters.

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