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It has been quite a while since Universal's Fast X was in theaters, but now, fans finally know when they will be able to watch it on streaming.

Vin Diesel's Fast X not only served as the eleventh film in the Fast & Furious franchise, but it also kicked off the next and final trilogy that will end the saga for good.

While the most recent installment in the action franchise didn't receive good reviews from critics (it has a 56% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes), most fans did seem to at least enjoy the film (84% audience score).

However, due to the movie's incredibly high budget of $340 million, it couldn't make it to the finish line at the worldwide box office to break profit, only grossing $704.71 million.

With that being said, up until recently, many fans didn't know why Fast X was taking so long to be put on a streaming platform as it has been almost three months since it debuted in theaters.

When to Stream Fast X Online

Jason Momoa in Fast X

Peacock recently announced that Fast X will be available to stream on its platform on Friday, September 15, 119 days after the movie was released in theaters around the world.

It is important to note that Universal is currently in a deal with NBC's Peacock streaming service where any film under the Universal umbrella must be on the streaming platform within 120 days after it debuts in theaters.

Since Fast X will be added to Peacock 119 days after it began its theatrical run, it will be available to watch just one day before the latest possible date.

Why Did Fast 10 Take So Long to Start Streaming?

When a movie is added to a streaming service, subscribers normally don't have to make an additional payment to be able to watch it.

This will be the case with Fast X, so when it is added to Peacock on September 15, anyone with a Peacock subscription will be able to hit play on the film and enjoy it in its entirety without having to pay a dime extra.

As previously mentioned, Fast X wasn't a success at the box office.

Universal seemed to try to call an audible when it realized that the movie wasn't going to hit the goal numbers during its theatrical run.

The film was available for digital purchase on June 9, just 21 days after it was released in theaters, and then the physical copies were released on August 8.

That means that fans who wanted to see the movie again at home had no choice but to purchase the film for themselves, which ultimately resulted in Universal making more money from the release.

So the reason that Universal delayed adding it to Peacock until the last minute is likely so the studio could maximize the amount of revenue it brought in. 

Fast X will be available to stream on Peacock starting Friday, September 15. 

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