MCU: Disney Made 1 Key Change to New Fantastic Four Movie Logo (Photos)

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Disney subtly made a change to the logo for the MCU's upcoming Fantastic Four movie that went under the radar until now.

Arguably no solo movie in the MCU currently has the level of anticipation that Marvel Studios' first efforts with the Fantastic Four does, with new casting rumors driving most of the conversation before it ultimately arrives in 2025.

The portrayal of the team will go through a number of changes from previous iterations as they join other characters from Marvel lore for the first time.

Fantastic Four Logo Gets Changed

Poster artist ZEET confirmed in a Reddit post that Disney altered the logo for Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four after the film was first announced at Disney Investor Day in December 2020. 

The new logo was used at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 as Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced the upcoming slate for Phase 5 and Phase 6.

Fantastic Four MCU old logo
Marvel Studios

The original logo featured a bright blue flourish on the upper left and lower right sides of the circle behind the "4" along with thick lines making up the number itself.

Fantastic Four new logo, MCU
Marvel Studios

This was changed to a much sharper version without the flourishes, with the lines making up the "4" now having much more overlap.

Fantastic Four movie logo comparison
Marvel Studios

A fan asked why the design was changed and mentioned the overlapping lines, with ZEET noting that "the mouse" changed the logo in-house, insinuating that it was Disney's decision:

Question: "Not a fan of the line work, looked so much better when the lines didn’t overlap each other so clumsily. What made you guys decide on this design?"

ZEET: "It was tweaked in house by the mouse but I can’t really show earlier versions!"

Also asked about the original assignment and the inspiration they drew from, Zeet remarked that the big challenge was to make a logo that "was different from any previous iterations" of the Fantastic Four design:

Question: "Can you tell us a little bit about what the assignment was, what inspiration you took from, and what you were trying to go for?"

ZEET: "Yes! The brief was pretty loose actually, and gave us a lot of room to explore. The challenge was to create a logo that was different from any previous iterations of the '4'. I tried to boil it down to simple shapes and use negative space. I wish I could show earlier concepts but unfortunately I can’t."

When Will Fantastic Four Move Forward With Production?

While seeing this logo change is undoubtedly exciting, especially since other movies in the MCU's upcoming slate have seen similar changes recently, the real question is when Fantastic Four will push further into development and shooting.

Currently, the biggest mystery is who will be cast as the leading quartet, with multiple reports having gone public about actors either being close to signing with Marvel Studios or not being in line for the movie at all.

For the time being, any progress that had been made on the film has been halted by the ongoing writers' and actors' strikes, which comes on top of delays already put into motion by Disney and Marvel for the entire MCU.

But with rumors pointing to major new plot points that will come into play for this film, it remains at the top of fans' wishlists as the MCU looks to evolve further.

Fantastic Four is set to arrive in theaters on May 2, 2025.

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