Falcon and Winter Soldier: New Footage Shows Captain America's Fight vs. Sam & Bucky

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Bucky and John Walker Falcon and Winter Soldier

With only two episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier remaining, fans are beginning to get excited for the long-awaited fifth installment, which will debut this Friday. The writers behind the series have promised a tear-jerking penultimate chapter with teases of a surprise cameo to come in what they call the show's strongest episode.

“The Whole World is Watching” left viewers on a dramatic cliffhanger in the MCU's most violent moment yet as John Walker's Captain America bludgeoned a Flag-Smasher to death. After the moment of rage was filmed by a mass of bystanders, the stage has been set for Sam Wilson to finally take up the patriotic mantle before the series comes to an end.

Recent trailers have teased Sam and Bucky will finally take on John Walker in an upcoming moment, and now a promo has revealed a new look at the long-awaited action sequence.


Update: The full promo has now been officially released:

A newly-aired promo for the final two episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has revealed a new look at Bucky and Sam's head-to-head confrontation with John Walker's Captain America.

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The new footage sets the stage for Sam Wilson to finally take up the patriotic mantle as he says to Walker “You gotta give me the shield.”

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Sam and Bucky's titular duo is shown fighting a super-soldier serum-infused John Walker in a warehouse, as he tells them “We could have been a team.”

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A screaming Bucky is also shown grabbing onto an unidentifiable object. Based on the difference in lighting, this shot doesn't appear to take place in the warehouse in which the duo will take on Walker.

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A figure — believed to be Sharon Carter — is shown to be walking through a dark parking garage. Based on the blue lighting of the shot, it can be assumed she is still hiding out in the extradition-free Madripoor.

The full promo can be watched below:


While unconfirmed, the warehouse fight scene will likely take place in the opening of this week's episode, following Walker's brutal murder of a Flag Smasher. It's hard to predict what the U.S. government and the wider world's reaction to the new Captain America's actions will be, but it may be enough for him to be stripped of the iconic mantle.

However, John Walker's militaristic dedication, along with his dose of the super-soldier serum, will likely prompt him to go rogue and continue his mission against the Flag Smashers. Other footage from the episode reveals John Walker will spend a bit more time with a Captain America shield in hand, meaning he may come out on top in this fight.

Walker's tone and desire to work with Sam and Bucky in this new look at the fifth installment of the Disney+ series reiterates that the highly decorated soldier is far from the villain of the story. As of now, it doesn't seem The Falcon and the Winter Soldier necessarily has a truly evil antagonist, which makes for a much more thought-provoking tale.

Karli Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers' actions have resulted in many casualties around the globe. However, their cause and driving force to fight for those displaced by the blip could be considered admirable, despite the atrocities committed. 

As Marvel continues to set up the villainous team of the Thunderbolts to unite down the line, Walker could make a fitting leader for the team after the credits roll on the series finale. Actor Wyatt Russell has previously shared his willingness to appear in future MCU properties, and his acting talent could make him an excellent candidate to have an extended tenure in the universe.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will premier its penultimate episode this Friday, April 16, exclusively on Disney+.

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