New Ezra Bridger Actor Breaks Silence on His Star Wars Debut

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Ezra Bridger, Eman Esfandi

Eman Esfandi, the man behind Ezra Bridger in Lucasfilm's Disney+ series Ahsoka, just commented on his role for the first since his Star Wars debut.

The arrival of Ezra in the Rosario Dawson-led show was one of the most anticipated moments in Ahsoka's entire run, right next to the arrival of Lars Mikkelsen's Grand Admiral Thrawn

Sadly, because of the SAG-AFTRA strike, actors haven't been able to publicly comment on any of their work currently being released. 

The closest Esfandi has come to on the record comments have been vague reactions on X (formerly known as Twitter), directed at his character getting an emoji and the finale of Season 1

Eman Esfandi Comments on Ezra Bridger Debut

Ezra Bridger in Ahsoka series
Star Wars

A new video posted by the official Star Wars X (formerly known as Twitter) account sees actor Eman Esfandi talking for the first time at length about Ezra's journey and his connection to the Jedi.

Esfandi admitted that he "already felt so connected to Ezra," a hero whom the actor described as "so smart" and "so gifted:"

"I take Ezra Bridger as a real person, and he's so smart, and he's so gifted. He's grown into himself a lot more. He's become a much stronger Jedi, but even more so, he's become more of a family member amongst his team and crew of rebels. 

The actor also shared how he "felt [Ezra] was there whenever [he] needed him:"

Because I already felt so connected to Ezra and felt like he was there whenever I needed him. I just felt that inspiration, but yeah, Ezra, young kid, with a lot of heart." 

What Is Next for Ezra in the Star Wars Franchise?

In the closing moments of Ahsoka Season 1, Eman Esfandi's Ezra Bridger returned to his home galaxy and reunited with both Hera and Chopper. But what's next?

Well, he is likely to have a key role in fighting against whatever dastardly plans Thrawn plans on putting into motion. Ezra will also most likely push to find a way to get back to Ahsoka and Sabine, who were both left on Peridea.

Hopefully, getting to reunite with some old faces he hasn't seen in a while is going to be a priority, such as his good friend Zeb Orrelios.

Fingers crossed that audiences get to see this all play out over a hypothetical Season 2, which has not yet been confirmed. Esfandi is passionate about the character, so it would be good to get him back in Ezra's shoes as soon as possible.

Ahsoka is now streaming on Disney+.

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