Expats Episode 6 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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Sarayu Blue as Hilary Starr in Expats

In the wake of its penultimate episode, Amazon Prime Video confirmed the release date for Episode 6 of Expats and the show's remaining schedule. 

The hit mini-series based on Janice Y. K. Lee's gripping mystery novel, The Expatriates, will end soon after telling the story of three foreign nationals working in Hong Kong and the quest to find one of their missing sons. 

Led by the likes of Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blue, and Ji-young Yoo, the series grabbed a hold of audiences and has not let go, with critics praising it for being "emotionally devastating" and its "ace cast" (via Rotten Tomatoes).

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Expats Finale Release Date Locked In

Nicole Kidman in Expats

Fans now know when to expect the Expats season finale to be released on Amazon Prime Video. 

The streamer confirmed the Episode 6 release date following the premiere of Episode 5, with this final chapter in the Expats story hitting the platform on Friday, February 23. 

While Prime Video listed one date for the Expats finale, the streaming giant typically likes to debut its tentpole titles a little early on the service. 

This means that, yes, Expats Episode 6 is listed to debut on Friday, February 23, but it will be available one day earlier on Thursday, February 22 starting at 5 p.m. PT/ 8 p.m. ET. 

This primetime schedule allows for appointment viewing for some of Prime Video's biggest titles, letting audiences take in the latest episode of a series together on a Thursday night as opposed to scattered throughout the weekend if the show dropped early Friday morning. 

Fans can expect Expats Episode 6 to be released on:

  • Thursday, February 22 at 8 p.m. ET

What Will Happen in Expats Episode 6?

Fans likely sit in eager anticipation to know what exactly will happen when Expats Episode 6 hits Amazon Prime Video. 

The story thus far has been thrilling, to say the least, following Nicole Kidman's Margaret Woo as she attempts to track down her missing son. 

Leading into the finale, things seem bleak. The central trio of American expatriates seem to be no closer to finding Margaret's son Gus as they have been turned around at every corner. 

Those who have read the book the series is based on know things do not turn out the best for Gus (read more about the Expats book ending here). 

On the page, Gus is never found, with the story being one of knowing when it is time to move on and working through tragic and uncertain times. 

The streaming series could change that, with Kidman's Margaret getting the closure she needs and finding Gus in some shape or form.

However, even if Gus does turn up, he may not be in the state she left him in.

Seeing as the show has already deviated at points from its source material, it would not be all that surprising if the worrying mother were to find her son only for him to have tragically passed away.

This change would get across a similar point to the book, hitting home the theme of moving on from one's devastating past. 

Expats Episode 6 streams on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, February 22 at 8 p.m. ET. 

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