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Nicole Kidman, Brian Tee, Sarayu Blue, Prime Video

The story of American immigrants in Hong Kong is told through the impressive performances of veteran stars in Amazon Prime Video's Expats

The streamer's new drama series is based on Janice Y.K. Lee's book The Expatriates. It tells the story of three women whose lives are entangled after an unexpected tragedy, leading to self-reflection, responsibility, and accountability. 

Expats premiered on Prime Video on January 26. 

Every Main Cast Member of Prime Video's Expats 

Here is the main cast list of Amazon Prime Video's newest series, Expats, with details about their roles and filmographies below: 

  • Nicole Kidman - Margaret
  • Sarayu Blue - Hilary Starr
  • Ji-young Yoo - Mercy
  • Brian Tee - Clarke
  • Jack Huston - David Starr
  • Bonde Sham - Charly
  • Flora Chan - Olivia Chu
  • Ruby Ruiz - Essie
  • Tiana Gowen - Daisy Woo
  • Bodhi Del Rosario - Philip Woo
  • Connor James - Gus Woo
  • Amelyn Pardenilla - Puri
  • Blessing Mokgohloa - Pastor Alan Mambo
  • Will Or

Nicole Kidman - Margaret

Nicole Kidman as Margaret
Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman leads the cast of Expats as Margaret Woo. 

Margaret is an expat trying to adjust to her new life in Hong Kong, and things go from bad to worse when her infant son, Gus, suddenly disappears. 

She is married to another expat, Clarke, and he is set to celebrate his 50th birthday in Episode 1. 

The tragedy of losing her son haunts her throughout the series, and it is apparent that it has been affecting her daily life. 

Kidman recently appeared as Atlanna in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The actress is also known for her impressive performances in The Hours, Big Little Lies, and Dead Calm

Sarayu Blue - Hilary Starr

Sarayu Blue  as Hilary Starr
Sarayu Blue

Sarayu Blue plays Hilary Starr, Margaret's friend and David Starr's rich wife. 

Like Margaret, Hilary also grapples with problems, such as her dwindling marriage, concerns about adopting a son, and being a full-time mother. 

Episode 1 hints that Margaret and Hilary have a troubled relationship since the latter appears uninterested in attending Clarke's 50th birthday. 

Hilary also seems to have given up on trying to help David with his alcohol problems, and their marriage takes a turn when he tells her that he is not honest with her. 

Blue is known for her role as Trina in Netflix's To All The Boys movies and spin-off, XO Kitty. The actress also has credits in Blockers, Velma, and I Feel Bad.

Ji-young Yoo - Mercy

Ji-young Yoo as Mercy
Ji-young Yoo

Mercy (played by Ji-young Yoo) serves as the nanny-for-the-day for Margaret's children and is seemingly involved with Gus' disappearance. 

It is also revealed that David, Hilary's husband, is having an affair with Mercy, making matters worse for everyone involved. 

In Episode 1, Margaret and Mercy unexpectedly meet at a party, with the latter desperately trying to escape to avoid a tense confrontation. 

Speaking with Elle, Ji-young Joo opened up about playing a character who doesn't "quite fit anywhere," relating her experiences in growing up in the United States: 

"I definitely can relate to feeling like you don't quite fit anywhere. I grew up in the middle of the United States in a very white neighborhood, frankly. So growing up where there weren't a lot of people who looked like me or whom culturally I had relationships with, and at a time when the media landscape was very, very different, there is a lot of feeling like you don’t really see yourself anywhere, so you don’t quite know where you should go or what you fit into."

Ji-young Joo is known for her past appearances in The Sky is Everywhere, Smoking Tigers, and Freaky Tales

Brian Tee - Clarke

Brian Tee as Clarke
Brian Tee

Clarke is Margaret's husband celebrating his 50th birthday during Episode 1 of Expats. The character is played on-screen by Brian Tee. 

He is also an expat like his wife and tries to be the best husband he can, especially after losing Gus. 

Tee's notable credits include Jurassic World, Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and Chicago Med. 

Jack Huston - David Starr

Jack Huston as David Starr
Jack Huston

Jack Huston is part of Expat's cast as David Starr. 

David is Hilary's unfaithful husband who is having an affair with 24-year-old Mercy. He also doesn't seem to love his wife since he completely left her before Clarke's birthday party. 

Huston has over 45 credits to his name, appearing in projects like Kill Your Darlings, American Hustle, and Ben-Hur.

Bonde Sham - Charly

Bonde Sham as Charly
Bonde Sham

Bonde Sham's Charly is one of Mercy's friends who acts as her support system when things get rough. 

Sham is an actress from Hong Kong best known for her roles in MidNight Lila, Everyphone Everywhere, and Single Papa.

Flora Chan - Olivia Chu

Flora Chan as Olivia Chu
Flora Chan

Flora Chan joins the cast of the new Prime Video series as Olivia Chu. 

Olivia is part of Hilary's inner circle who understands her longing for motherhood. She is also aware of Margaret's past involving Gus' disappearance.

Chan has credits in Connected, Mad Detective, and At the Threshold of an Era.

Ruby Ruiz - Essie

Ruby Ruiz as Essie
Ruby Ruiz

Veteran Filipina actress Ruby Ruiz plays Essie in Expats

Essie is Margaret and Clarke's helper and the current babysitter of her kids. 

Ruiz appeared in various projects from the Philippines and Hollywood like The Bourne Legacy, Iska, and The Iron Heart.

Tiana Gowen - Daisy Woo

Tiana Gowen as Daisy Woo
Tiana Gowen

Daisy Woo (played by Tiana Gowen) is Margaret and Clarke's only daughter. 

Although Margaret wants to build a connection with her daughter, Daisy sometimes dismisses her. 

Gowen appeared in True Love Bottoms and a short movie titled They Only See Our Faces.

Bodhi Del Rosario - Philip Woo

Bodhi Del Rosario as Philip Woo
Bodhi Del Rosario

Bodhi Del Rosario is Philip Woo in Expats. 

Philip is Margaret and Clarke's son and Daisy's brother. 

In Episode 1, Philip draws a family portrait that involves Jesus, which bothers his mother, Margaret. While his mom crumpled the said drawing, he decided not to throw it away and keep it for later. 

Del Rosario is known for his roles in Station 19, 9-1-1, and Interrupting Chickens.

Connor James - Gus Woo

Connor James as Gus Woo
Connor James

Connor James plays Gus Woo, Margaret's son who is central to Expats' story. 

Gus' sudden disappearance caused Margaret's downward spiral and continued struggles in the present day. 

Expats is Connor James' first major acting role.

Amelyn Pardenilla - Puri

Amelyn Pardenilla as Puri
Amelyn Pardenilla

Amelyn Pardenilla's Puri serves as Hilary and David's helper. She also has dreams of becoming a full-time singer. 

Episode 1 shows a brief scene where Puri tells Hilary about the disturbing noise of the neighbor's dog barking 

Expats is also Pardenilla's first major acting gig. 

Blessing Mokgohloa - Pastor Alan Mambo

Blessing Mokgohloa as Alan Mumbo
Blessing Mokgohloa

Pastor Alan Mambo (played by Blessing Mokgohloa) is one of the leading figures of the church that Clarke usually attends despite Margaret's disapproval. 

Mokgohloa has credits in Cowboy Bebop, Harrow, and My Life is Murder.

Will Or

Will Or is one of the Hong Kong cast members in Prime Video's Expats.

Or is best known for his compelling performance in 2021's Drifting, the same film where he earned the Best Supporting Actor nomination from the Hong Kong Film Awards.

The actor also appeared in Anita and One More Chance.

Expats is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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