Expats Episode 3 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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Here’s when Episode 3 of the Nicole Kidman-led Expats hits streaming, alongside the release date schedule of the remainder of the season.

Expats, Amazon Prime Video’s popular new series follows the lives of multiple women living as, like the title suggests, expatriates in Hong Kong, far away from their homes.

When Does the Next Expats Episode Arrive?

Expats already has dropped two out of its six episodes. The third episode of the series will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video beginning on Friday, February 2.

The schedule for the rest of the show can be viewed below:

  • Episode 3 - Friday, February 2
  • Episode 4 - Friday, February 9
  • Episode 5 - Friday, February 16
  • Episode 6 - Friday, February 23

It is worth noting Prime Video shows that air new episodes on Fridays, such as The Boys, sometimes premiere installments on the evening before their officially listed release date. So, it is possible that Expats episode 3 could come out on Thursday, February 1 at 5:00 p.m. ET.

What Could Happen in Expats Episode 3?

In Expats, Nicole Kidman plays Margaret Woo, a mother of three living in Hong Kong with her husband. One of her kids, named Gus, was entrusted to a young woman, who ended up losing him in a crowded market.

Sometime later, the family has moved on with their lives, until that same young woman inadvertently enters back into their lives.

The show has a penchant for keeping viewers on their toes, so to accurately predict what could go down in the next episode would be something of a tall order. 

Though with Margaret not losing hope that her son can be found, and her refusal to leave China, conflict is bound to arise within the series’ narrative.

The first two episodes of Expats can be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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