Expats Show Episode 4 Release Date & Remaining Schedule on Amazon Prime Video

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Many fans are wondering exactly when Episode 4 of Amazon Prime Video's Expats will be released, as well as what the full schedule for the remainder of the episodes is.

Led by Nicole Kidman, Expats follows a group of women who are expatriates (which means they live outside of their home country) living in Hong Kong.

So far, the drama has received rave reviews from critics, who have collectively given it an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes. The audience score, however, is significantly lower, sitting at just 59% as of writing.

When Will Expats Episode 4 Be Released?

Nicole Kidman in Expats

Expats will have a total of six episodes, so half of the series is already in the books. Episode 4 is expected to be released on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service on Friday, February 9.

Subscribers to Prime Video will be able to stream the newest episode as soon as it is made available.

Below is the full release schedule for the remaining episodes of Expats:

  • Episode 4 - Friday, February 9
  • Episode 5 - Friday, February 16
  • Episode 6 - Friday, February 23

Although Expats episodes don't officially drop until Friday every week, fans may be able to watch Episode 4 on Thursday, February 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Prime Video historically releases new episodes of its original shows the evening before their release date. Titles such as The Boys, Gen V, and Invincible have followed this format.

What Will Happen in the Rest of Expats?

Episode 3 of Expats showcased how Gus' disappearance is affecting Margaret (Nicole Kidman).

The latest installment only proved that Margaret has become consumed and obsessive over her child going missing, and she often thinks about what she could have done differently (such as telling police about the scar on Gus' arm).

What happened to Gus is drastically affecting Margaret's health, both mentally and physically. She even resorted to taking all kinds of pictures of her other two childrens' bodies so that if something happened to them, she and the police would know every single physical detail of them.

However, it is important to remember that Episode 3 ended with Margaret going to the morgue after being told by the police that a body was found matching Gus' description.

Seeing as how three episodes are remaining, it would be logical to theorize that whoever they found is not Gus.

However, it is entirely possible that it could be him, and that the remaining episodes will focus more on Margaret's emotions and her response to finding out that he is no longer with her.

If it does not turn out to be Gus, then fans can expect to see Margaret push herself even farther in her quest to figure out what happened to her son.

The first three episodes of Expats are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, and Episode 4 will be released on Friday, February 9.

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