Expats: Who Is Jenny? Margaret Connection Explained

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Expats Episode 3 added more questions about Gus' disappearance by revealing a new character named Jenny.

In Amazon Prime Video's newest drama, the character's unknown fate has led many to wonder what happened to the kid.

The latest installment shed some more light on the people involved, including a direct link to one of Margaret's (Nicole Kidman) neighbors named Christopher. 

Who Is Jenny in Expats on Amazon Prime Video?

Barry O'Rorke as Christopher, Sarayu Blue as Hilary, Jack Huston as David
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Expats Episode 2 peeled back on the tragic events of Gus' disappearance. 

Christopher (Barry O'Rorke) appeared alongside his dog, Pinot, to say hi to Gus and Essie (Ruby Ruiz) when he was on his way back to his apartment. 

While the encounter was brief, Christopher and Gus' interaction suggested that there was history there, as if the lowly neighbor was a longtime family friend. 

In the latter half of the episode, Christopher caught up in a brief chat with Hilary and David (Jack Huston) inside the elevator. 

Episode 3 took things to a whole new level when Margaret deemed her now-dead neighbor Christopher as the suspect behind Gus' disappearance. 

The reason behind the accusation was that she remembered that Christopher had a photo of Gus on his phone. Margaret told Hilary that she realized that she nor any family members were with Gus when the picture was taken. 

Hilary dismissed Margaret's claims, calming her down and pointing out that she shouldn't suspect her dead neighbor as a suspect (give the dead man a break, Margaret). 

Margaret appears to take it too far when she suspects a dead person is the one responsible for her son being missing. Some would say that she can't be blamed since the ordeal already took a toll on her. 

Margaret's shocking actions didn't stop there, though. She even forced Hilary to give her Christopher's spare key so that she could look into her accusations further. 

Margaret then scoured through Christopher's belongings, where she uncovered a postcard of the same beach trip from their vacation in Thailand. 

While she was initially convinced she could use it to frame Christopher, Margaret turned the card around and discovered it was signed by someone named Jenny. 

The card said, "Wish you were here. Lots of love, Jenny."

It is unknown how Jenny is related to Christopher, but it's safe to assume that she's a close family member of the deceased neighbor. 

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Was Jenny Involved in Gus' Disappearance?

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Many would agree that Margaret's accusation of Christopher being the prime suspect was troublesome. 

Thankfully, though, the fact that she saw Jenny's name may have settled her down. 

Seeing the postcard with Jenny's note confirmed that Christopher was not in Thailand when Margaret and her family were there. 

It's also reasonable to assume that Jenny is not linked to Gus' disappearance since there is no motive if she's involved. 

While the next three episodes may shed some light on who Jenny is, it could steer away from the show's central story about finding out what happened to Gus. 

Episode 3 seemed to put Christopher's (and potentially Jenny's) involvement to rest, considering that the detectives told Margaret and Clarke (Brian Tee) that a body that matches Gus' description has been found on Shenzen. 

Expats is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video (you can check the show's full release schedule here). 

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