Full Cast of Elite Season 7: Every Main Actor & Character In Netflix Show

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Elite Season 7 cast characters

Netflix is back in business with the Spanish teen drama Elite - here's everything to know about its cast of actors and their characters for Season 7.

Set at the fictional Las Encinas High School, Elite centers on a trio of students enrolled through the school's scholarship program as they try to fit in with their much wealthier and more well-off group cohorts. 

Exploring much more progressive themes than most teen dramas, such as sexuality and identity, the show has received near-universal praise, averaging an incredible 93% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Also unique to the series is that each season takes place in two different timelines, adding a feeling of mystery with plot elements that span both timelines, leaving fans continually intrigued by what happens next.

Elite Season 7 Cast, Characters and Actors

Omar Aysuo - Omar Shanaa

Omar Aysuo Omar Shanaa Netflix Elite
Omar Aysuo

Played by Omar Aysuo, Omar Shanaa's story centers around his identity, being a young homosexual man coming to terms with his sexuality in an extremely conservative Muslim family.

Originating from Palestine, Omar seeks out his family's acceptance for who he is, despite hiding much of his life from them to avoid conflict.

Season 7 sees Omar adapting to life at college. However, he is still struggling to move on after Samuel's death, going to therapy and eventually taking on an internship that forces him to face his past head-on.

Elite is the biggest role of Ayuso's short career thus far, although he's set to star in his first theatrical film, 8 Años, which does not yet have a release date

Valentina Zenere - Isadora Artiñán

Valentina Zenere Isadora Artiñán Netflix Elite
Valentina Zenere

Introduced in Season 5, Valentina Zenere's Isadora Artiñán is an Argentinian socialite and DJ who grew up well off but found herself neglected and ignored throughout her youth. 

She learns about the nightclub scene and works her way up to being a DJ, earning the nickname "Empress of Ibiza." She also plays an important role as one of the show's most prominent trans characters, especially living through being raped.

While Zenere is best known for her international singing career, she made an appearance on Disney Channel Latin America as the antagonist, Ámbar Smith, in Soy Luna.

André Lamoglia - Iván Carvalho

André Lamoglia Iván Carvalho Netflix Elite
André Lamoglia

André Lamoglia takes on an important supporting role in the Elite cast as Iván Carvalho, a Brazillian whose father is a famous Portuguese soccer player, first coming into play during Season 5 as he looks to continue his run.

Lamoglia is best known for his Spanish-language work in shows like Bia, Bia: Un mundo al revés, and the upcoming Blood & Water.

Carloto Cotta - Cruz Carvalho

Carloto Cotta Cruz Carvalho Elite Netflix
Carloto Cotta

Iván's father Cruz Carvalho, mentioned previously to be a famous Portuguese soccer player in Season 5 and Season 6, is played by Carloto Cotta.

The Portuguese star is highly regarded in his home country, most recognizable for his work in Arena, Tabu, Frankie, and You Won't Be Alone.

Adam Nourou - Bilal Ibrahim

Adam Nourou Bilal Ibrahim Netflix Elite
Adam Nourou

Originally introduced during Season 5, Adam Nourou's Bilal Ibrahim is a formerly homeless man with barely any background. Originating from the African country Comoros with a Tanzanian grandfather, he now works at Isadora's House.

The 20-year-old French star has other credits on his resume in Turf, I'm All Yours, and Adu along with his 12-episode run in this series.

Álvaro de Juana - Dídac

Álvaro de Juana Dídac Netflix Elite
Álvaro de Juana

Álvaro de Juana portrays another student at Las Encinas named Dídac introduced in Season 5. He is the one to learn that Isadora was telling the truth about her rape before they become friends and work together again.

Along with Elite, de Juana is best known for over 500 episodes of work on Amar en tiempos revueltos and for a more recent stint on HIT in 2021.

Ander Puig - Nico Fernández

Ander Puig Nico Fernández Netflix Elite
Ander Puig

Ander Puig's Nicolás Alfonso Fernández de Velasco Viveros (Nico) is another trans character in Elite, being shown after having gender affirmation surgery in Season 6 as most of the students at Las Encinas support him, save for a few.

Puig only has two other credits on his resume outside of Elite - Ser o no ser and Alive and Kicking

Carmen Arrufat - Sara

Carmen Arrufat Sara Netflix Elite
Carmen Arrufat

Carmen Arrufat's Sara is one of the primary antagonists in Elite Season 6, gaining a large social media following thanks to her relationship with her boyfriend, Raúl. 

Season 7 sees her looking to expose Raúl after his abusive nature is revealed, even though she still hurts plenty of other people in this quest.

Recently, Arrufat also had an 11-episode run on Todos mienten along with multi-episode runs on HIT and Diarios de la cuarentena.

Alex Pastrana - Raúl

Alex Pastrana Raúl Elite Netflix
Alex Pastrana

Alex Pastrana brings to like the aforementioned Raúl, a widely famous influencer who attends Las Encinas and dates Sara on and off.

Season 7 sees Raúl not feeling any remorse for his wrongdoing, eventually dating Sara's friend Chloe and even slut-shaming her, angering Chloe's mother when she hears what he's done.

Concurrently with his run on Elite, Pastrana also plays a supporting role as Ulises on Welcome to Eden.

Ana Bokesa - Rocío

Ana Bokesa Rocío Netflix Elite
Ana Bokesa

Ana Bokesa's Rocío boasts an African heritage and culture she explored in Season 6, flirting with Bilal and hearing stories about him and his friends leaving Africa to move to Spain and the struggles that came with that.

Bokesa is also known for her role in the short titled 2091.

Nadia Al Saidi - Sonia

Nadia Al Saidi Sonia Netflix Elite
Nadia Al Saidi

Nadia Al Saidi's Sonia is seen often hanging around Sonia and Nico before Nico and Ari start dating. She also supported Ari through her abortion after she found out she was pregnant.

Al Saidi's other credits come in Cómo mandarlo todo a la mierda and La caza. Monteperdido, although her role in Elite is her biggest to date.

Fernando Líndez - Joel

Fernando Líndez Joel Netflix Elite
Fernando Líndez

Fernando Líndez makes his Elite debut in Season 7 as Joel, known to be very humble and taking each day one at a time as he tries to hold onto his dreams for as long as he can.

Líndez's previous work includes multi-episode stints on Escándalo, relato de una obsesión, Skam España, and Aitana: Nada sale mal.

Mirela Balic - Chloe

Mirela Balic Chloe Netflix Elite
Mirela Balic

Known by fans as one of the most fashionable characters in Elite Season 7, Mirela Balic's Chloe shows off her outgoing personality and vibrance as soon as she enters the equation.

Zorras, Tú también lo harías, and Beach House are some of the biggest other projects to feature Balic in leading roles.

Gleb Abrosimov - Eric

Gleb Abrosimov Eric Netflix Elite
Gleb Abrosimov

Set to play an important new role in Season 7 is Gleb Abrosimov's Eric, although he's only been seen sparingly in a couple of episodes thus far.

Thus far, Elite is Absosimov's only credited TV or movie appearance.

Alejandro Albarracín - Luis Marín

Alejandro Albarracín Luis Marín Netflix Elite
Alejandro Albarracín

Luis Marin is another brand-new name taking the spotlight in Elite Season 7, with fans watching to see what kind of antics he gets into in later episodes after only a pair of episodes to his credit.

Albarracín boasts over 40 appearances in past projects, the biggest of which being Los hombres de Paco, Gavilanes, Rocío, casi madre, and Mesa para cinco.

Iván Mendes - Dalmar

Iván Mendes Dalmar Elite Netflix
Iván Mendes

Iván Mendes adds another new character to the story named Dalmar as the adventures at Las Encinas evolve and continue.

Outside of an incredible 132-episode run on Dos Vidas, Mendes can also be seen in roles from La que se avecina, Adu, Sara's Notebook, and Estoy Vivo.

Maribel Verdú - Carmen

Maribel Verdú Carmen Netflix Elite
Maribel Verdú

Maribel Verdú enters the Elite fray as Chloe and Iván's mother, Carmen, as she even becomes the second female character in the show's history to commit murder in Season 7.

Verdú boasts arguably the biggest credit in Elite's cast, playing Barry Allen's mother Nora Allen in 2023's The Flash, and she's also recognizable for her roles in Pan's Labyrinth and And Your Mother Too.

Anitta - Jessica

Anitta Jessica Netflix Elite

Anitta just made her Season 7 debut in Elite as Jessica in Episode 2 of Season 7, looking to make more of an impact in later episodes as the season pushes forward.

Anitta is largely known for her career as a musician, although her song Furiosa was utilized on the soundtrack for 2021's F9.

Khosi Ngema - Fikile Bhele

Khosi Ngema Fikile Bhele Elite Netflix
Khosi Ngema

Khosi Ngema marked a milestone moment in Elite's history by playing Fikile Bhele in Season 7, whom she first played in two seasons of Blood & Water before the two shows engaged in a historic crossover event.

Leonardo Sbaraglia - Martín

Leonardo Sbaraglia Martín Netflix Elite
Leonardo Sbaraglia

Leonardo Sbaraglia is set to return to Elite Season 7 as Martín after first playing the character in Season 1 when he was seen struggling to have a child with his longtime wife. Going so far as to engage in bribery to achieve that goal, he was immediately fired from his teaching position.

Along with a recent role in 2023's Bird Box: Barcelona, Sbaraglia also boasts credits in projects such as Pain and Glory, Intacto, and The Silence of the Sky.

Abdelatif Hwidar - Yusef Shana

Abdelatif Hwidar Yusef Shana Netflix Elite
Abdelatif Hwidar

Omar's father Yusef is played by Abdelatif Hwidar as the Palestinian seeks control over his son's life, particularly his dating life, although he hasn't been seen in action since Season 3 when he started to accept his son more.

Hwidar is best known for his work as a director outside of his time on screen, with his biggest projects being Kanimambo, Maniac Tales, and Manspreading.

Farah Hamed - Imán Shanaa

Farah Hamed Imán Shanaa Elite Netflix
Farah Hamed

As is the case with Omar's father, his mother Imán (brought to life by Farah Hamed) plays an important role in the series. When Omar's sexuality was revealed, Farah was much more accepting of the situation than her husband was.

Hame's biggest credits come on Retorno A Hansala, Hospital Central, La Unidad, and The Last Days.

Godeliv Van den Brandt - Virginia

Godeliv Van den Brandt Virginia Elite Netflix
Godeliv Van den Brandt

After the former Las Encinas principal was arrested for murder, Godeliv Van den Brandt's Virginia took over that position, with the character being seen as much more sensitive even with her firm stance in her job.

Van den Brandt was most recently seen in major Spanish-language projects like Sky Rojo, Realive, and Madrid Noir. 

Luz Cipriota - Roberta Artiñán

Luz Cipriota Roberta Artiñán Elite Netflix
Luz Cipriota

Isadora's mother, Roberta Artiñán, is portrayed in Elite by Luz Cirpriota, with the character being an Argentinian socialite who owns several hotels in Mexico and Europe along with her husband. She has a contentious relationship with her daughter, giving her an oxycodone pill by tricking her.

Cipriota is best known for her roles in I'm Going to Have a Good Time, Still Life, Soy Luna, and Sos mi hombre.

Olaya Caldera - María

Olaya Caldera María Elite Netflix
Olaya Caldera

After making three minor appearances in Season 6, Olaya Caldera will make her return to the Elite scene as María.

Caldera is also recognizable for her roles in Paraíso para dos and Una vida no tan simple.

Pepe Ocio - Alfonso

Pepe Ocio Alfonso Elite Netflix
Pepe Ocio

Pepe Ocio made four separate appearances in Season 6 playing the role of Alfonso, which he will play once more as Season 7 keeps its run going.

Ocio's credits from past projects include The Candidate, Rapa, García!, and Camino.

Raúl Mérida - Pau

Raúl Mérida Pau Elite Netfix
Raúl Mérida

Álvaro de Juana's Dídac gets a brother introduced in Season 6 named Pau, who will be back in action for Season 7.

Mérida can be seen elsewhere in Un golpe de suerte, The Broken Crown, The Ministry of Time, and Isabel.

María Ordóñez - Luena

María Ordóñez as Luena Elite Netflix
María Ordóñez

María Ordóñez has yet to make her Elite debut, although she will play a new character named Luena when she arrives in Season 7.

Other major entries for Ordóñez include Cuéntame cómo pasó and 12 mujeres en pugna.

Alfons Nieto - José Luis

Alfons Nieto as Jose Elite Netflix
Alfons Nieto

Alfons Nieto just made his first appearance in Elite Season 7 as José Luis, although it should be the first of many as the show pushes to new heights.

Nieto can also be seen in Burning Body, El Cid, and Amar en tiempos revueltos.

Bernabé Fernández - Mateo

Bernabé Fernández as Mateo Netflix Elite
Bernabé Fernández

Mateo has been on screen once and used in a voiceover role in another episode of Season 7, being played by Bernabé Fernández.

Fernández's biggest roles can be seen in Amar en tiempos revueltos, Al salir de clase, The Boat, and The Ministry of Time.

Astrid Jones - Catalina

Astrid Jones Catalina Elite Netflix
Astrid Jones

Season 7, Episode 2 featured Astrid Jones' first appearance in Elite as Catalina, with a handful of other episodes on the horizon for this new star.

Jones' past credits include 8 años, In from the Cold, Black Beach, and The Ministry of Time.

Elite Season 7 is now streaming on Netflix.

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