Full Cast of Einstein and the Bomb on Netflix: 12 Main Actors & Who They Play In the Movie (Photos)

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Albert Einstein, Netflix

Einstein and the Bomb takes a deep dive into Albert Einstein's mind as the movie's script is based on the titular genius' own words during the development of the atomic bomb. 

Netflix's newest docudrama follows the legendary genius' life and career. The series unpacks his work for the atomic bomb, complete with archival footage from World War II and dramatic reenactments of the events that transpired.

Einstein and the Bomb premiered on Netflix on February 16.

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's Einstein and the Bomb 

Aidan McArdle - Albert Einstein

Aidan McArdle as Albert Einstein
Aidan McArdle

Aidan McArdle brings Albert Einstein to life in Einstein and the Bomb.

In the docudrama, McArdle's Einstein takes center stage and everything he says or writes in the movie is verbatim from the theoretical physicist himself. 

The Netflix movie also explores what really happened to the titular genius after fleeing Germany, his involvement in the Manhattan Project, and his lasting influence on history. 

This isn't the first time that McArdle portrayed Albert Einstein on-screen since the actor also played the scientist in Einstein's Big Idea and Nova.

McArdle also has credits in Ella Enchanted, Sense8, and The Duchess

Andrew Havill - Commander Locker-Lampson

Andrew Havill as Commander Locker-Lampson
Andrew Havill

Andrew Havill is part of Einstein and the Bomb's cast as Commander Locker-Lampson. 

Oliver Locker-Lampson played a pivotal role in providing Einstein with refuge in a camp near his home in north Norfolk, England. This was especially significant, considering that the scientist was being threatened. 

Locker-Lampson did everything he could to make Einstein comfortable, giving him a wooden cabin complete with a piano, a violin, his own cook, and even a butler. He also provided him with security armed with guns to protect him at all costs.

Fans may recognize Havill for his roles in Downtown Abbey, The King, and Cloud Atlas.

Rachel Barry - Margery Howard 

Rachel Barry as Margery Howard
Rachel Barry

Margery Howard (played by Rachel Barry) was one of Albert Einstein's friends while he stayed at Roughton Heath. 

Einstein shared various stories and even his theories with her while in refuge. At that time, Howard said that she was "too young to know the significance" of Einstein's works and occasional visits.

Barry is known for her roles in Daddy Issues, Figg & Dates, and Bad Mother.

Helena Westerman - Barbara Goodall 

Helena Westerman as Barbara Goodall
Helena Westerman

Alongside Margery Howard, Helena Westerman's Barbara Goodall is another young girl who became acquainted with Albert Einstein during his stay at Roughton Heath. 

In real life, Goodall eventually married Oliver Locker-Lampson in 1935, and they had two children. Unfortunately, Goodall never saw Einstein again after the scientist left England for the United States of America.

Westerman's notable credits include The Wheel of Time, Smooth Ride, and Quota.

Leo Ashizawa - Katsu Hara

Leo Ashizawa as Katsu Hara
Leo Ashizawa 

Leo Ashizawa plays Japanese reporter Katsu Hara in Einstein and the Bomb.

Katsu Hara is the journalist who wrote a confrontational letter to Einstein after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were devastated by the atomic bombs. 

Ashizawa recently appeared as Dr. Suzuki in Apple TV+'s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. The actor also has credits in Citadel, All That Remains, and A Discovery of Witches.

Jay Lewis Mitchell - Young Albert Einstein 

Jay Lewis Mitchell as young Albert Einstein
Jay Lewis Mitchell

Jay Lewis Mitchell plays the younger version of Albert Einstein during flashbacks. 

The actor appeared during a sequence where Einstein talked about one of his first experiments tied to the theory of relativity. 

Einstein and the Bomb is Mitchell's first major credit.

Simon Markey - Jacob Epstein 

Simon Markey as Jacob Epstein
Simon Markey

Simon Markey stars as American-British sculptor Jacob Epstein. 

Epstein spent some time (seven days to be exact) with Einstein at Rouhgton Heath to create a sculpture of his head. He told Einstein that at least 100 Nazi professors dismissed his theory of relativity.

Markey is known for his roles in Black Mirror, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, and Gentleman Jack.

James Musgrave - Walter Adams 

James Musgrave as Walter Adams
James Musgrave

Walter Adams is a renowned astronomer and secretary of the Academic Assistance Council. The character is played on-screen by James Musgrave. 

Adams explained to Einstein that he, alongside his peers, formed the council to help displaced scientists who needed to relocate outside of Germany in light of the hardened circumstances surrounding the Jews.

Musgrave previously appeared in The King's Man, Fresh Meat, and Death in Paradise.

Simon Haines - Paul Weyland 

Simon Haines as Paul Weyland
Simon Haines 

Simon Haines stars as Paul Weyland, the man who is known as the Einstein-Killer from Berlin. 

During the inaugural meeting of the Society for the Preservation of Pure Science, Weyland proclaimed that Einstein's theory of relativity is "nothing less than scientific Dadaism" and "a hoax promoted by the clique of his academic supporters."

Haines' notable credits include Knightfall, Litvinenko, and Forgive Me Father.

Toby Longworth - Reporter # 1

Toby Longworth as reporter
Toby Longworth

Toby Longworth appears as a reporter in a flashback where he interviewed Einstein about his new revolutions in science, asking him how he could explain his theory of relativity to a commoner. 

Longworth previously appeared in Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace, Four Lions, and Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death

Jonathan Rhodes - Reporter # 2 

Jonathan Rhodes as Reporter
Jonathan Rhodes

Jonathan Rhodes plays a reporter from the New York Times in Einstein and the Bomb who asked the titular scientist about the paper's headlines offering high praise for his theory of relativity. 

Rhodes is known for his previous appearances in Miss Scarlet & the Duke, Ted Lasso, and Trying.

Gethin Aderman - Walther Nernst

Gethin Aderman  as Walther Nernst
Gethin Aderman 

Gethin Aderman appears as Walther Nernst in a flashback sequence dedicated to showcasing what happened during the inaugural meeting of the Society for the Preservation of Pure Science in 1920.

Aderman has credits in The Great, Somewhere Boy, and Wolf.

Einstein and the Bomb is now streaming on Netflix.

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