Full Cast of The Abyss 2023 Movie on Netflix - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Here is an extensive list of the cast and characters in the 2023 Netflix movie The Abyss.

The film follows Frigga Vibenius, who, when her town starts to collapse into the Kiirunayaara mine, must quickly fight for not only the lives of the locals as well as her own family.

Cast and Characters of 2023's The Abyss Movie on Netflix

Tuva Novotny - Frigga Vibenius

Tuva Novotny as Frigga Vibenius in The Abyss
Tuva Novotny

Tuba Novotny’s Frigga Vibenius is the head of security for the Kiirunayaara Mine and The Abyss' main character. While she quickly has her hands full learning about the increasingly dire state of the town’s safety, she is also on the lookout for her missing son.

Many people will know the actress from her time as Cass Shepard in Annihilation.

Kardo Razzazi - Dabir Ayobi

Kardo Razzazi as Dabir Ayobi in The Abyss
Kardo Razzazi

While Frigga Vibenius is not fully divorced yet, she is currently seeing Kardo Razzazi’s Dabir Ayobi. At the beginning of the story, Dabir surprises Frigga by visiting early, unaware of the danger he will end up in alongside the rest of the town.

Ayobi can be seen in The Head, Heder, and Rheingold.

Felicia Maxime - Mika Vibenius

Felicia Maxime as Mika Vibenius in The Abyss
Felicia Maxime

Mika Vibenius, played by Felicia Maxime, is the loud and rebellious daughter of Frigga. Audiences first meet her as she’s part of a protest trying to save a local business.

Some of Maxime’s previous projects include Heartbeats, Young Royals, and Lychoviken.

Peter Franzén - Tage Vibenius

Peter Franzén as Tage Vibenius in The Abyss
Peter Franzén

Peter Franzén’s Tage Vibenius is Frigga’s ex-husband, who is not a big fan of Dabir’s when the two accidentally meet each other without warning. The idea of someone suddenly bursting into their family is a lot for Tage to come to terms with.

Some audiences may have heard the actor’s voice in the recent hit video game Alan Wake 2.

Angela Kovacs - Erika Svalin

Angela Kovacs as Erika Svalin in The Abyss
Angela Kovacs

Angela Kovacs' Erika Svalin is a close friend of Frigga’s who also works at the local mine. She joins Friggs to investigate its safety when unusual tremors start occurring.

Some of Kovacs' previous projects include The Machinery, Hassel, and Springfloden.

Tintin Poggats Sarri - Aila

Tintin Poggats Sarri as Aila in The Abyss
Tintin Poggats Sarri

Tintin Poggats Sarri is Aila, the girlfriend of Mika Vibenius, who is fiercely loyal and always by her side.

Sarri’s only other on-screen credit is for the 2020 film Charter.

Edvin Ryding - Simon Vibenus

Edvin Ryding as Simon Vibenus in The Abyss
Edvin Ryding

When the movie starts, it's the birthday of Edvin Ryding’s Simon Vibenus. However, no one seems to find him. 

Turns out, Simon ended up unintentionally landing himself in a life-threatening situation.

Ryding is most well-known for his time on Young Royals.

Åsa Simma - Livli

Åsa Simma as Livli in The Abyss
Åsa Simma

Åsa Summa plays Livli, a member of Aila’s family who audiences meet halfway through the film.

The Abyss is the actress’ biggest on-screen credit to date.

Jonathan Fredriksson - Patrik

Jonathan Fredriksson as Patrik in The Abyss
Jonathan Fredriksson

Patrick, an employee of the mine who flies drones to help inspect the safety of certain zones, is played by Jonathan Fredriksson.

Fredriksson can also be seen in Bröllop, begravning & dop.

The Abyss is now streaming on Netflix.

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