Dune 2 Fans Upset by Max's 'Cropping' of Movie's Streaming Release Version

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The long-awaited Max streaming release for Dune: Part 2 has left some fans upset due to its frustrating cropping.

Dune 2 finally began streaming on Max on Tuesday, May 21, 81 days after the sequel arrived in theaters.

Dune 2's Streaming Release Disappoints Fans

While Dune 2 is now streaming on Max, some fans have been left disappointed by the movie's frustrating cropping.

The Denis Villeneuve-directed blockbuster was released on Max with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio devoid of an option to watchIMAX version.

Dune 2, Imax vs Standard Comparison
Warner Bros.

IMAX delivers an enhanced and more immersive viewing experience in theaters with higher-quality audio, larger screens, and an expanded picture due to its taller aspect ratio that allows more of the scene to be viewed.

Dune 2, Imax vs Standard Comparison
Warner Bros.

Villeneuve shot Dune 2 with IMAX cameras, making that the intended viewing method for the sci-fi sequel. And yet, Warner Bros. has not offered a home release for either Dune or Dune 2 in IMAX format.

One fan to express their disappointment at the lack of an IMAX release for Dune 2 on streaming was Reddit user OverFearless, who was quick to point out "even Disney+ has been doing it with many of their AAA movies:"

"I'll always be mad they won't release an IMAX version of 'Dune Part 1' and '2,' likely not even for 'Messiah.' Makes no sense to me, even Disney+ has been doing it with many of their AAA movies and it's an amazing experience. But nope, we have those thick bars even though the whole thing was filmed and intended for IMAX from the get go...."

Another Reddit user, magisterium_art, also pointed out how "so many beautifully framed shots are letterboxed" due to the cropping and even that "tops of heads are cut off" in certain scenes:

"In the trailers and for the IMAX theatrical version they showed the film in the taller 16:9 aspect ratio they shot the film on with the Arri Alexa 65 camera system. In the version on Max, they cropped it to 2.39:1, which means so many beautifully framed shots are letterboxed. Tops of heads are cut off, the feeling of space and scope is constricted."

Will Dune 2's IMAX Version Ever Come to Streaming?

There is no denying the IMAX format is one designed for theatrical viewing to show the most expansive picture on the largest screens possible with the highest quality audio systems available. However, many still enjoy experiencing the closest thing possible to that at home on streaming, digital, and physical media.

In the current state, the IMAX versions of Dune and Dune 2 are no longer available to view since they departed movie theaters. Fans can only Warner Bros. will eventually see the light and bring the IMAX versions to Max.

As of writing, the studio has expressed no intention of delivering the IMAX versions of either movie on home release. While there is every chance they will come eventually, the fact three years have now passed since Dune with no sign of a release coming anytime soon isn't exactly a positive sign.

Dune and Dune: Part 2 are streaming now on Max.

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