Dumb Money GameStop Movie's Netflix Streaming Release Date Revealed

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The official Netflix streaming release date has been revealed for the GameStop movie Dumb Money, starring Paul Dano.

Dumb Money opened in theaters on September 15, 2023, earning a quiet $13.9 million at the domestic box office.

Considering the topical subject and loaded cast, including Dano, Pete Davidson, Nick Offerman, Sebastian Stan, Shailene Woodley, and Seth Rogen, many more potential audience members could be interested in watching it on Netflix.

Dumb Money Streaming Release Date

Paul Dano in Dumb Money movie

Dumb Money will be available to stream on Netflix on Sunday, January 21, 2024, according to When To Stream.

This equates to 128 days after its theatrical release - a slightly longer window than recent Sony Pictures films moving from theaters to streaming: 

  • No Hard Feelings: June 23 - October 22 (121 days)
  • Gran Turismo: August 25 - December 25 (122 days)
  • The Equalizer 3: September 1 - January 1, 2024 (122 days)

Fans were able to buy or rent Dumb Money on PVOD on November 7, and it became available via physical media (Blu-ray and DVD) on December 12.

Netflix has had success streaming Sony Pictures' films since the beginning of 2022. Animated superhero hit Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was a successful addition and Jennifer Lawrence's comedy No Hard Feelings was a top trending film on Netflix when it first began streaming.

What Is Dumb Money About?

Dumb Money tells the true story of Keith Gill, portrayed by Paul Dano. 

In Brockton, Massachusetts, Keith, also known as "Roaring Kitty" on the Reddit page r/WallStreetBets, strategically invests in GameStop and his viral online presence caused many of his followers to do the same. 

This caused a surge in its stock price and major losses for hedge funds. 

The online community faces challenges as trading platforms like Robinhood restrict GameStop trading, triggering investigations by the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services. 

The film offers plenty of humor but also shows the power of community and acts as a modern-day underdog story based on the 2021 book titled The Antisocial Network. 

Dumb Money begins streaming on Netflix on Sunday, January 21.

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