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Disney+ Announces Season 2 Release Date for Marvel's What If (But Is It Real?)

What If season 2 release date
By Jennifer McDonough

In 2021, Marvel Studios made its first foray into fully animated content with the Disney+ series What If...? The nine-episode first season took characters, events, and concepts from the MCU's Infinity Saga and told what would happen if something was changed. Indeed, What If....? explored the vast Multiverse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all in a slightly-frenetic, stylized animation.

Now, Season 1 of the series was largely seen as a fun novelty, but critically, it wasn't the most highly regarded. Nevertheless, a second season of What If...? is on its way, although Marvel and Disney+ haven't commented on the release date in any widespread, official capacity.

What If...?'s Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed?

What If Disney Plus

According to a Disney+ subscriber newsletter (via Murphy's Multiverse) sent out to customers in the Netherlands, What If...? Season 2 will debut on July 20. This seems to be a little suspect, however, given that it's a short way away and neither Marvel or Disney have released any marketing for the show, such as a trailer.

Update: Disney+ Netherlands has confirmed that the July 2022 release for What If...? Season 2 was listed by mistake, so fans will have to wait a bit longer for Marvel Studios' animated series to return for its sophomore run.

Should This Date Be Trusted?

A July 20 release date does seem impractical. As mentioned above, there haven't been any trailers, posters, or tv spots for the second season of What If...? nor has there been any firm word from Marvel that it's coming out this year apart from an offhand mention here or there.

It should be noted that, as mentioned above, What If...? season one wasn't the best received MCU project. Audiences panned the pacing, storylines, and seeming lack of respect for established MCU rules and continuity. Still, the show stands as a fun, lively installment and one would imagine that Disney+ would want to advertise it even a little bit before dropping it on the platform.

The streaming service does kind of have a bit of a track record of releasing movies and shows without much of a run-up, but for a golden goose property like Marvel, they would probably want a bit more fanfare to maximize the number of eyes on it.

Whenever season two of Marvel Studios' What If...? arrives, it will do so only on Disney+. Season one is now streaming in its entirety.