Disney Unveils First-Ever Toy Story Restaurant (Photos)

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The first-ever Toy Story restaurant is ready to open at Walt Disney World, following Disney's recent Toy Story 5 announcement

Back in 2018 and a year ahead of Toy Story 4's release, Toy Story Land opened at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios, allowing fans to step into the screen and experience being one of Andy's toys. 

As Pixar prepares to expand the Toy Story franchise once more, Disney intends to do the same with its latest addition to Toy Story Land. 

Disney's Toy Story Theme Park Experience

Toy Story Land is one of Disney's Hollywood Studios' most recent expansions and is themed after Andy's backyard, complete with a size 240 shoe print in the pavement and a concession stand operating out of a giant lunchbox. 

The land itself is designed to look as if Andy constructed his own amusement park out of toys and other household odds and ends. 

In addition to his Slinky Dog Dash coaster and Toy Story Mania midway game, Andy has added the land's first sit-down restaurant and Disney's first-ever Toy Story restaurant: Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Disney's Unveils First Toy Story Restaurant

ToyStory RoundupRodeo

In keeping with Toy Story Land's theme, Roundup Rodeo BBQ is a restaurant Andy built himself using a vintage Woody's Roundup rodeo playset, along with a few familiar board games, playing cards, scraps of wrapping paper and cardboard, and hand-drawn decorations. 

ToyStory RoundupRodeo
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Since the restaurant relies on Woody's Western roots and is in Andy's backyard, guests can expect barbecue and picnic-style fare.

ToyStory RoundupRodeo
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Fans may also notice a few amusing nods to the Toy Story characters on the menu, including "Combat Carloflower" and "The Married Spuds."

ToyStory RoundupRodeo
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Set to open on March 23, The Direct was able to preview this first-of-its-kind Toy Story restaurant and learn how Imagineering created this cinematic Pixar experience.

According to Imagineering, Roundup Rodeo BBQ not only utilizes familiar and giant-sized visuals to transport guests into the Toy Story world but also audio. 

At certain points during a meal, the restaurant simulates the sound of Andy's arrival, prompting toys to warn everyone that "Andy's coming!" and encouraging everyone - servers included - to freeze as the toys do in the film. 

ToyStory RoundupRodeo

Guests may also hear Partysaurus "Tex," inspired by the Toy Story short, "Partysaurus Rex," arrive and possibly even warnings about a yard sale. 

It was also suggested that a holiday overlay may be in the works, including the presence of Sid from the original Toy Story for the Halloween season. 

Even though Roundup Rodeo BBQ was constructed by Toy Story and Toy Story 2's Andy, the restaurant incorporated characters from all four films and - as noted by Partysaurus "Tex" - references to the Toy Story shorts. 

ToyStory RoundupRodeo
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And, from what Imagineering had to say, it sounds as if Disney intends to continue that trend upon Toy Story 5's release. 

In talking with Sam's Disney Diary, Imagineering project manager Jared Sell referenced Disney announcing Toy Story 5 and how "more stories coming into the Toy Story Universe" only provides further "opportunities to continue to develop and grow:"

"When we develop new experiences throughout, we're always looking what else can we do to expand that, right? So they recently announced 'Toy Story 5' - more stories coming into the Toy Story Universe - and it just gives more opportunities to continue to develop and grow with all of our properties all around the world. So when we built Toy Story Land, we said what can we do? How can we continue to grow and expand just like Walt [Disney] wanted?"

Lastly, just like every Pixar film to date, Toy Story's Roundup Rodeo BBQ is packed with Easter eggs.

In addition to this super-sized milk carton referencing the original release date for 1995's Toy Story, it also includes the classic Pixar "A113," an ode to a classroom at California Institute of the Arts found in most Pixar films. 

ToyStory RoundupRodeo
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Eagle-eyed fans may also spot a hidden Russell from Pixar's Up as well as a puzzle with missing pieces Imagineering claims will be hidden elsewhere in Toy Story Land for fans to find. 

ToyStory RoundupRodeo
The Direct

What Toy Story's Park Presence Says About Toy Story 5

Apart from Pixar CEO Pete Docter teasing Toy Story 5's "surprising" story, fans know little about what this fifth film will hold. 

But both the announcement and Toy Story Land's newest addition to the parks confirm that Disney is interested in sticking to what worked for the franchise in the past. 

In June 2022, Pixar released Lightyear, the first attempt to expand the franchise beyond its traditional toy-centered premise, which failed to connect with audiences

It's also worth noting that Toy Story Land and now Roundup Rodeo BBQ focuses on Andy instead of Toy Story 3 and 4's Bonnie and has all of the original toys together instead of apart. 

Perhaps Toy Story 5 will adopt a similar approach? 

Roundup Rodeo BBQ opens at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios on March 23; the entire Toy Story franchise is available to stream on Disney+

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