Is Disney's Titanic Ride Real or Fake? New Speculation Explained

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A new TikTok claims that a Titanic-themed thrill ride is coming to Walt Disney World.

The video and accompanying article come from Disney satire site Mouse Trap News. Over the years, the site has become notorious for its many controversial pieces of satire.

One such instance was at the end of February, when Mouse Trap News used artificial intelligence to convince many that Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom had burned down.

However, the satire can get more egregious than AI disasters, as demonstrated by articles such as "Gang Violence on The Rise at Disney World."

Is A Titanic Ride Coming To Disney World?

There is not a Titanic-inspired attraction in development for Walt Disney World, despite satire site Mouse Trap News seeming to report otherwise in both an article and a viral TikTok.

Mouse Trap News reported that the fake free-fall water ride themed to James Cameron's Titanic called "The Titanic Adventure" would be coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in roughly 2027, if it were real.

The reports allege that in one section of the fake attraction, "the ride vehicle completely disconnects from the track and free falls into the water."

In using the phrase "free falls," the report is not referring to the drop tower system used in attractions like The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror or Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. The fabricated Titanic ride would supposedly literally drop the ride vehicle down 75 feet into the water below.

If that wasn't absurd enough, the report adds that following the drop, "Guests [would] then see Jack die and Rose get saved" as one part of the alleged ride's retelling of Cameron's Titanic film.

Still, many on TikTok did truly believe the report — which is somewhat understandable.

Mouse Trap News' TikTok bio does say "!!!Real Disney News That is 100% FAKE!!!," but if someone is just scrolling through their For You page without paying attention to the account, it looks fairly legitimate.

As such, the comment section is populated with responses like "lowkey so excited for this" and "hope this is real," alongside people recognizing the account for what it is and noting how it's satire.

Is A Real Titanic Ride Out Of The Question?

The article is somewhat accurate in saying that Disney owns the rights to Titanic, as it is co-owned by 20th Century Fox (which Disney acquired in 2019).

However, full ownership is shared with Paramount Pictures. Besides, this does not mean Titanic makes for a good property to base a Disney World attraction on.

Admittedly, there is some precedent for Disney World attractions based on more-adult properties like Titanic, or featuring more-adult themes like sexuality or death.

Prior to changes currently in the process of being implemented, the Country Bear Jamboree featured bears singing about what can "turn [them] on," or about how they "think [they] should shoot" someone named Little Buford. Additionally, the now-defunct Great Movie Ride featured scenes from Casablanca and Alien, among other films.

Though not actually about the Alien movie (despite early plans that were pulled from the movie directly), Magic Kingdom's long-gone ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter is perhaps the most adult, non-stereotypically-Disney, attraction the company ever produced. 

In fact, there were signs throughout its queue warning that the attraction could scare children — arguably an understatement, given that the attraction included a cast member appearing to be eaten alive.

Still, all three of those attractions have since either closed or removed those not-quite-suitable-for-children elements.

Fans should likely not expect a Titanic Disney World ride anytime soon — particularly not one that literally drops vehicles 75 feet and into water.

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