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Percy Jackson, Disney World castle

Percy Jackson and the Olympians made its Disney Parks debut on January 12 with a new exhibit opening in Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, and The Direct got a first look at all the goodies it has to offer.

Interestingly, the display opened in the same week as the Disney+ series' fifth episode — the majority of which took place in an amusement park, Waterland.

There is an extended sequence showing Percy and Annabeth on a Thrill Ride O' Love. Their journey started as a relaxing boat ride with elaborate projections and story, before sudden drops and sharp turns revealed it to be a fast thrill ride, as the name suggested.

Percy Jackson Officially in Disney World

Percy Jackson at Disney World
The Direct

The Direct's Savannah Sanders was present for the inaugural day of the A Percy Jackson and the Olympians walk-through exhibit when it opened its doors at Walt Disney Presents in Disney's Hollywood Studios on January 12, marking the franchise's first appearance in a Disney Park.

In addition to the Disney World exhibit, digital and static photo opportunities will be available through January 13 at Disneyland Park in California.

The Hollywood Studios exhibit, which features costumes and props from the Disney+ series, will only be open for a limited time, but there is not currently an official closing date announced.

Percy Jackson at Disney World: Annabeth, Percy, and Grover costumes
The Direct

The costumes worn by Leah Sava Jeffries (Annabeth), Walker Scobell (Percy), and Aryan Simhadri (Grover) for most of their quest are displayed together at the exhibit.

Fans can take in all the detail, from the red Converse gifted to the heroes by Luke to Annabeth's Yankees cap — an element of the books adapted for the first time on-screen in the Disney+ series.

Percy Jackson at Disney World: Camp Half Blood and Capture the Flag costumes
The Direct

Costumes and props from Episode 2 on display at Disney World include Dionysus' patterned shirt and cutoff shorts, as well as round shields for the red and blue Capture the Flag teams.

This display comes with a fitting Camp Half-Blood backdrop, setting the Episode 2-inspired tone.

Percy Jackson at Disney World: Capture the Flag armor
The Direct

In front of a couple of spears and Annabeth's sword and shield from Capture the Flag is the armor Percy wore for the game — including the iconic blue-plumed helmet.

Of course, fans ca not miss the orange Camp Half-Blood shirt under the armor, recognizable even with battle garb covering the camp name and logo.

Percy Jackson at Disney World: Mythomagic
The Direct

Episode 1 features two references to the game Mythomagic — a fun Easter Egg for eagle-eyed book fans, and part of how Grover prepared Percy for the dangers of demigod life.

Along with multi-sided dice inside of a board game box is the card featuring the Chimera, the monster Percy fought in Episode 4.

Percy Jackson at Disney World: Various props, including the Master Bolt
The Direct

The "Magical Possessions" display is like a treasure trove for fans, both of the Disney+ show itself and of the book series that inspired it. Disney World visitors can see Annabeth's dagger, piles of golden drachmas (the money of the mythological world in the show), and Percy's sword, Riptide, in both sword and pen form.

Of course, front and center is the Master Bolt — the stolen item Percy's quest requires him to retrieve, and a copy of The Lightning Thief, the book that started it all.

Percy Jackson at Disney World: Zeus
The Direct

Though not yet seen in the show, Zeus' business-like suit and tie are on display for fans at the Disney World exhibit.

The late Lance Reddick will appear as Zeus in Percy Jackson, in what will be the actor's final television performance.

Percy Jackson at Disney World: Ares
The Direct

Adam Copeland made his first appearance as Ares in Episode 5, and now fans can see his costume up close at Hollywood Studios.

The long leather jacket and helmet on display match the character's motorcycle introduction and gruff nature.

Percy Jackson at Disney World: Camp Necklace
The Direct

Finally, the display features an iconic Camp Half-Blood necklace. Disney World visitors can see the individual clay beads — one for each year a given demigod was at camp — with art representing something significant from that year.

The necklace has five beads, and no silver ring in the center (a feature unique to Annabeth's necklace), which means it could be Luke Castellan's necklace, if not another demigod who has spent five years at camp.

Is More Percy Jackson Coming to Disney Parks?

Both the Disneyland photo ops and the Disney World walk-through are temporary experiences, though the latter does not yet have a closing date announced. But, many fans may be hoping for continued Percy Jackson representation at the parks, perhaps in a more permanent manner.

Nothing has been announced in any capacity, so this is all speculation, but the walk-through exhibit at Hollywood Studios may be a test run, of sorts, to see how Percy Jackson could fit in at the parks in the future.

If a Percy Jackson addition to Disney World or Disneyland were to happen, there are several options for where and how. One place it could fit really nicely would be in Disney's Animal Kingdom — or, more specifically, where DinoLand U.S.A. currently sits.

As announced at various D23 events, there are plans to completely re-theme Dinoland, but the specific replacement is pointedly not set in stone yet. Originally, it was announced to possibly be themed around Moana and Zootopia, before a 2023 reveal of possible Indiana Jones, Encanto, and Tropical-Americas-inspired theming.

But, in every announcement, fans are reminded that these are not officially set, and things can change.

Perhaps, given the success of the Disney+ show, there could be some sort of Percy Jackson's Mythological Creatures element to whatever the final replacement may be. The world of Percy Jackson has its fair share of animals and beasts, which would fit nicely into Animal Kingdom.

Again, though, this is simply a theory. Percy Jackson could certainly fit in Hollywood Studios, too, particularly since that is where the current temporary exhibition sits. The park has utilized the immersive land model before, with both Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Percy Jackson could fit into that mold too.

For now, fans can experience the Percy Jackson walk-through exhibit at Disney's Hollywood Studios and can stream the first five episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+.

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